Card readers cause boot to hang 2 min!

Ok here is the exact play by play if I plug in my printer with the built in card reader. (Note, with just the internal card reader BIOS shows each slot as a drive 01,02,03,04...but the printer only is seen as one drive even though it's a 4 slot reader). Everything is fine with one or the other but both cause the following:

Press power button...2GB tested, etc...Detecting USB devices 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, 5 'storage devices'
Auto-Detecting USB Mass Storage devices
00: Devices found and configured THEN XP LOADS AND EVERYTHING WORKS!

weeeeeird. Normally with just the internal one it will assign each slot be it MD, Compact, SD #01,02 etc in a second and move on. I saw in the BIOS you can emulate each slot as auto or a floppy or FDD forced. FDD and hard drive emulate don't work as when it goes past certain stages it asks for a disk or press a key. I disabled stupid stuff like Com1 and Parrell and Serial ports. Only thing I can do in BIOS is assign an IRQ to a Legacy device. Windows is using ISA/IRQs 0, 6, 8, 9, 13,14,15. and a bunch of other PCI virtual IRQ I guess. So what loads (I never waited 2min before but that's weird).
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  1. i have an epson cx4800 with card reader, and i also have a SanDisk card reader installed. mine does the same thing... SOMETIMES. does it happen for you EVERY time you boot up? is there a difference for you when you Restart versus a Cold Boot up? let me know.... thanks.

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