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I have Windows 98 and Windows 2000 on Dual Boot. The problem is, Windows 98 keeps on giving me the blue screen of death everytime i get to the desktop. Actually, i don't even get to the desktop. Windows 2000 runs beautiful. Well, better atleast. So my question is, can I reinstall windows 98 without reinstalling windows 2000? I really don't know how to go about fixing 98 since i can barely get in with safe mode. Any help would be appreciated.

My system rig at:
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  1. Before you format/reinstall Win98, create a W2k Startup Floppy Disk.

    1.) First format a floppy disk in W2k (Important so W2k can read the proper disk boot sector). While in windows explorer make it so you can see all hidden files and super hidden file (menu bar "View|Options"). Then copy to this same floppy disk from the %root directory% (on the C:\ drive): Ntldr, Ntdetect.com, Boot.ini, and Ntbootdd.sys (if your HDD's are SCSI,or 2 seperate HDD's), Since your system is set up to dual booting with Win98, copy these files to the same disk also: Autoexec.bat, Bootsect.dos, Command.com, Config.sys, Io.sys, and Msdos.sys

    This is so that when you format/reinstall Win98, you will be able to boot into W2k.

    2.) Also create a separate Emergency Recovery Disk (ERD) in W2k (make sure you chech the box to copy your registry also). You can find that utility to create the ERD under the "Backup Applet".

    Please do this first before formatting\reinstalling Win98, you will save yourself a ton of headaches.

    Reason, when you format/reinstall Win98 you will overwrite the MBR for W2k. The two disk that you create above will allow you to boot back into W2k and restore the MBR you orginally have before formatting/reinstalling Win98.

    Good luck!

    Correction to above: While in Windows Explorer menu bar (Tools|Folder Options) then click on "View" tab, and check the radio button "Show Hidden Files and Folders" and uncheck the box below it "Hide protected operating system files" then click OK.

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  2. Thank you very much for your reply. Im gonna go ahead and give this a try. Thanks again.

    My system rig at:
  3. I copied all the files you mentioned except ntbootdd.sys because I cannot find it.
    Im still a little confused as to what to do after this. Im thinking that I format and reinstall win98 on my c drive. Then just copy back all those files. Just to let you know, w2k is installed on my D drive.

    My system rig at:
  4. You won't find the "ntbootdd.sys" because this is created by the system ONLY when your HDD is SCSI (consisting of SCSI controller drivers). Since your system is IDE you won't have this file.

    Don't forget to make the Emergency Recovery Disk (ERD). You may need this if you boot the system from the Win2k CD ROM for a repair.

    So, there are two methods of getting Win2k restored after a reinstall of Win98.

    When you are ready to restore Win2k:

    1. Allow your system to bootup to the Win2k CD ROM (you may have to update your BIOS to support bootable CDs). When you get to the "Setup" screen press "R" to repair. On the next screen ONLY [X] check "Inspect boot sector". After this is when you will need your ERD, and just follow the instructions on-screen to complete the repair. (Important: from time-to-time you will want to update this ERD as your system changes)

    2. Or if you choose this method. Use your bootup floppy disk to boot your system. This will take you to the boot selection screen for Win2k/Win98. Of course you will select Win2k. After Win2k starts up go into "Windows Explorer" and copy all the files from that bootup floppy to your C:\ drive. So, you are correct in think that this was the thing to do. Oh it is a natural thing for Win2k to be installed on D:\ drive, so I just took that to be the case.

    NOTE: Keep these 2 lifesaver disk in a safe cool place. You will thank yourself for having them whenever you have a need arise unexpectedly.

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