Overclocking help!!! 6300 P5B deluxe

Hi There

Haven't posted in forums before, but I have this dilema which I've researched as much as I can, but do not know where to go from here, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


I have the following set up: 6300, P5B deluxe Wi/Fi, Super Talent 2x1Gb DDR2 800 RAM (4-4-3-8), Big Typhoon cooling. I'm hitting a 370Mhz FSB barrier that I just can't overcome... I'm running at 1:1 for RAM (so at 740), with above timings. I can run the RAM at the rated speed with no problems, so it doesn't appear to be a RAM issue... I can get to 370Mhz, pretty much with stock voltages, but nothing I do, can get me beyond this.

Last attempt was with the following(attempting 375Mhz):

vDimm - 2.25V (rated 2.2V)
NB - 1.55V
SB - 1.6V (I think from memory)
FSB - 1.4V
I tried gradually increasing the CPU voltage (tried up to 1.45V) - but this was such a big jump from being ok at 370Mhz, I went no further... (won't POST beyond 370)

I've been running at 370Mhz fine & stable for weeks, and the temps are fine (idle high 30's, touching 40), but it's the middle of summer here in NZ, so that's ok).

Have I just lucked out with the M/Board, or CPU, or am I missing something??? I know 2.6Ghz on a 6300 is a lot better than stock, but I would have thought I could go a lot higher than this on my setup... The only weak link I have is my PSU - a fairly standard 420W unit - but this couldn't be the problem could it?

I'm at my witts end (becoming an obsessive compulsive!) - so any help advise is appreciated!
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  1. I would say it might have to do with your memory timing/sub timing.

    Check out this guide

    You should be able to hit higher no problem.

    There is also something going on with the Strap on the motherboard, you can see instability approaching 400mhz, and then it will be allright at 400+ but 370 seams kinda low not to be stable!
  2. Thanks for your reply. I've still had no joy unfortunately...

    I've tried relaxing all memory timings, including the sub timings, but I can't get past 370. I've had plenty of attempts beyond 400 to see if its the strap issue, but still no joy. I can overclock the memory ok - I'm running at 4-4-3-8-4-30-10-10-10 at 925Mhz as I write this (FSB at 370 again).
    I'm not fully up to the play on latency interaction with the NB, or the FSB - does the fact that I can overclock my RAM rule out the RAM being the issue here (My overclockk attempts are all at 1:1 so the RAM should be well within it's limits...)

    Any other ideas? Could it be Bios related (I've only tried on the latest version 0804).

    Any other suggestions, or has anyone else experienced this problem?
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