Keyboard won't operate after installing system disk

First build and everything went fine after first boot. Inserted floppy system disk, recognized my hard drive and wanted me to format it but the keyboard won't work at this point. The keyboard works fine up to this point. I rebooted several times and it always stops working at the same point. Tried using different USB ports, same result. I have no idea how to overcome this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. as mpilchfamily says.
    I was going to suggest making sure that USB legacy support is enabled in the BIOS but you will need to use a ps2 keyboard to get into the bios in the first place, so that wouldn't have been much help. :?
    When you got your keyboard, did it come with a USB to ps2 converter? If you have one of these, it will save you having to get a new keyboard. Another option would be borrow a keyboard of someone who could spare it long enough for you to get set up.
  2. Thanks for the help. I do have a PS2 converter, I tried that, but only switched it during boot, not with the PC off. I hope that's my problem. Will let you know how it goes, thanks greatly!
  3. Build is complete, the keyboard was the only glitch. I was using my new keyboard with a PS2 adapter and it would't work, tried an older PS2 keyboard and it worked fine. Thanks for the help, I'm glad this forum is here, i've learned a great deal just from browsing it. You people are the best!
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