7600GT Issues

The last couple weeks I've been having a few issues with my 7600gt. The first issue is with the video overlay, sometimes when watching video and I minimize the video the whole screen will go crazy with alot of weird colored lines. The second problem I've been having is sometimes the picture will get squished to the top half of the monitor (while doing anything). And the third problem is sometimes the screen will go completely blank or parts of the screen will be completely cut off. All 3 of these problems requires a restart to fix. What could be the problem here, is my card permanently damaged for some reason? Thanks in advance for any help. In my system I'm running:

2.13GHZ Core 2 Duo
2 Gigs Corsair ddr2
xfx 7600gt
500 gig WD hard drive
550 watt antec truepower II
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  1. Quote:
    Check your temps and try reloading the video drivers.

    Temps are very low, I'll try the drivers.
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