oc:ing e6300 with the e6600 stock cooler

hi all, im going to buy a new computer soon

the computer:

cpu: core 2 duo e6300 1,86ghz (with the e6600 stock cooler, if anyone wonders why, its bigger and i get it for free)
ram: ocz gold xtc pc2 6400 2048mb kit
mobo: msi p965 platinum
psu: hiper 580w
(the rest is not important in this matter)

what is a good clockspeed for the cpu and the ram?

im quite new to overclocking

(sorry if my english is bad, im from sweden)
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  1. The stock cooler on the E6600 is the exact same one you would get with an E6300. Theres no difference. I'd say with some luck you could get the 2.5ghz, maybe 2.7 without your temps getting to far out of hand. I would consider getting a different mobo though...
  2. msi p965 platinum got the editors choice award by tomshardware
    why is it so bad?

    im on a fairly low budget (9500sek i.e about 1360$ for everything
    (mobo, ram, gfx, psu, case, cpu)) and the mobo should not cost too much

    is there any other mobo you would recommend?

    how about asus p5b? (not the deluxe edition)
  3. Quote:

    how about asus p5b? (not the deluxe edition)

    It depends on which one your talking about, the P5B-E is a good board for oc'ing, but the vanilla P5B sucks. You might want to look at the Gigabyte S3 & DS3, those are pretty good as well.
  4. from what ive heard the gigabyte ds3 had some issues with ... something


    i think i will go for the p5b-e
  5. there was a problem with the bios of ds3...gigabyte has released a lot of bios updates..i dont think there is any problem with it...

    check this out...

  6. but according to this picture p5b-e seems to be the most clockable

    and with the f9 bios the ds3 is right after
  7. i think the link that u gave does not work dude...

    anyways...if you find 2 mobos that give you different performance at similar price difference you should definitely go for the one with better performance :)

    hope i dint confuse you wid my reply :roll:
  8. the link i gave you was from the gigabyte ds3 f9 bios test from anandtech

    better link: http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2902&p=3
    it shows that the p5b-e is a bit better then the ds3 (with the f9 bios)

    so i will go for the p5b-e
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