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Hi I'm new to this forum and I just have a small issue.

Was wondering whether or not a xfx9400gt 512mb gpu is compatible with a ASUSTEK M2N-SLI DELUX mobo.
Asus' site is kind of down and the stores around here aren't that helpful. Plus my spec understanding skills need to be improved a bit too :D

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  1. I concur that indeed you have a compatibility issue. You are not compatible with this particular forum.

    Please go away, or at least read the stickies before posting here, and then go away.
  2. This was actually posted in a part of the other that I did not know it existed?

    other>Graphics Cards ?!
  3. Damn, i guess i will have to be nice.

    If the mobo has a pci-e slot and the card is pci-e, then yes it will work
  4. we are a blackhole that is slowly sucking in all of toms
  5. Wingy parted those arse cheeks again has he.
  6. Thanks for help :D
  7. Any time..
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