3lfk1ng Poll question RD600 vs WOW

Please cast your votes :!:

3lfk1ng wrote:

I'll let you know in a few days, I'm going to avoid the bios for a day or so because I'll be busy playing World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.
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  1. Bench it now you bast
  2. Bench it OR ELSE!!!

    ::Takes inventory of pitchforks and torches::
  3. bench it damnit
  4. Push it to the limit. Gaming can wait....don't be so s3lf1sh :D :D :D :D
  5. I think that he is now palying WOW, without knowing that we are worry about him and the RD600 review.
  6. probably, half the people on campus are going nuts over this game
  7. WoW dude. I just got my copy of TBC but unfortunately I wont get off work for another 5-6 hours :(
    Go whoop them naga :)
  8. Definitely play WoW!
  9. I think you should play Guildwars instead. Just my 2 cents. :P
  10. *Looks up from playing Burning Crusade*

    You'll get it when you get it.
  11. BF2142 - Titan mode - 64 players - "There is not Titan lag". Instead of that cartoon.

    *hears angry denizens of azeroth with Frostmournes and grinding "gear" from the distance, quickly gets in his Battlecruiser from the landed Dropship and fires Yamato gun at them, "I love Sci-fi".
  12. I'm sorry, but I prefer to play a game that doesn't act like its still being beta'ed.
  13. I'll allow you that. But I prefer WoW. Less n00bs.
  14. bench it with oblivion, id like to see some widescreen results to
  15. We got our own methods of testing the OC ability of boards. Rest assured, Oblivion testing wouldn't really do much.
  17. I'll do half of what you guys are asking for only because I care. However...seeing as how I care to burn in stuff before I start tweaking, your not going to get any serious benchies for a week or two.

    Here are some pics ENJOY 8)

    DFI rd600
    Intel Core 2 e6600 L630A983
    Vigor gaming Monsoon II TEC
    H.I.S x1950xt IceQ 3 Turbo
    Corsair Dominator 8500CL5 2gb
    Sony Dru-820a
    LG GSAH22N
    2 x Seagate 7200.10 250GB
    OCZ Gamexstream 850watt
    Crystalfontz 635

    WAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH PASTE! (Sorry for the HDR lighting)

    Much better :)

    Everything is cleaned and the foam shim is removed...

    More to come later on...

    I'll bench it with the following:
    3dmark 01
    3dmark 03
    3dmark 05
    3dmark 06
    Super Pi
    Aquamark 3
    HL2 bench
    HL2 Lost coast bench

    Stay Tuned
  18. So much for the flame poll votes :P :lol:
  19. Kewl.
  20. Woohoo!!!

    Thanks for the pics 3lfk1ng :)

    Sorry about razzin ya with the poll, we new you would get them out when you were ready :wink:
  21. Now I want all that stuff in the first picture.. :cry:
  22. Looks good, but i would take my trusty P5B Deluxe over the RD600 anyday.
  23. GJ!
    This is worth for a new thread! :lol:
  24. please link when ready ...

  25. Quote:

    OMG! Look at all those 90 degree connectors!
  26. Wow. You werent kidding about the hdr lighting
  27. Quote:

    OMG! Look at all those 90 degree connectors!
    I was thinking more along the lines of...OMG, look at the lack of fan headers....i only see 3. For such an enthusiast board, you would think there would be more. :?
  28. Isnt 3 fairly typical? how many boards have more than three anyway?

    Just wondering as every case fan in my system uses a 4 pin molex off the PSU. Only fans using the 3 pins on the mobo would be the HS/F and the PSU fan.
  29. LOL, there are more fan headers on this board than I know what do with.

    There are 5 3-pin fan connectors
    There are 3 4-pin fan connectors
  30. Quote:
    LOL, there are more fan headers on this board than I know what do with.

    There are 5 3-pin fan connectors
    There are 3 4-pin fan connectors
    That's good. I guess my eyes are failing me. :wink: I didn't think they would be stingy with them. :)
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