eVGA 7600GTKO or regular eVGA 7600GT??

Is it worth the extra money to go with eVGA 7600GT KO from regular eVGA 7600GT???

Here are the links.

KO version

Regular version

The only real difference I see is that KO have about 20mhz more memory core than the regular one. Does that 20mhz worth $10 more?
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  1. It's worth it only if you're deadly afraid of OC'ing your card.
    Otherwise, the cooler is exactly the same. The memory uses the same (I believe samsung) chips. You can get the same overclock by yourself through the coolbits hack or any other OC software. The 7600GT can actually be pushed beyond KO specs, at least memory-wise.

  2. The memory on the 7600GT KO is also 100Mhz higher.

    That makes it 580/1500 vs 560/1400.

    My 7600GT can overclock to 640/1560. With it overclocked like that
    I gained 300 points in 3DMark06 if that helps.

    Right now with the KO being cheaper after the rebate, I would go with
    it. Thats just my opinion
  3. The KO has a rebate right now so I would go with that. Plus it's eVGA so you can take full advantage of the 90 day step up program. What an ingenious idea. :lol:

    Note: some KO versions have been known to go bad or be bad out of the box. If you are not afraid to RMA an item then I would definitely go with the KO. But if you don't have time to potentially be bothered with returning an item, the regular version is the safer bet.
  4. The KO has a larger heatsink covering the memory chips. It runs cooler and quieter than the regular CO version. There is a third version without a CO or KO designation. It has VGA and DVI connectors, whereas the KO and CO have two DVI's. The KO is well worth the extra dollars.

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