TV Tuner and Double monitor, is it possible?

I have a question that I am sure the experts of this forum will be able to answer.

Is it possible having a TV tuner together with a video card with TV-OUT, DVI-I (model GeForce 4 Ti 4200) and two monitors one CRT and another LCD, is it possible to visualize in one (the monitor LCD) the TV on full screen while at the other, the traditional monitor, it keeps on being employed with windows or on doing any other thing?

I wait for yours responses and comments! Thank you very much and sorry for my English...
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  1. Yes.
  2. I have such a configuration on my old rig.

    Geforce 6600GT (PCI-E) - DualView mode
    - primary monitor: 17" LCD @ 1280 x 1024 (VGA)
    - secondary monitor: CRT Projector @ 1024 x 768 (DVI->VGA->RGBHV)

    Sapphire Theatrix ATI 550 Pro TV Tuner (PCI)


    That's right, ATI and nVidia cards working hand-in-hand!

    I can watch TV on either display, while using Windows on the other. Works like a charm. Assuming your Ti4200 supports DualView at the resolutions you need, it shouldn't be a problem. A notable exception is gaming, I don't think my secondary monitor works while a game is hogging the GPU.
  3. Thanks for your fast reply!

    I am wondering how did you manage to work in one monitor with windows and in the other watch tv! it is a matter of software?
    I have my Ti 4200 with Quadro 4 XGL drivers and they have the Nview options to set dual monitors, is this the same that DualView? or may I upgrade my nVidia drivers?

    How do you configure your pc to have in one monitor same specific program at full screen while in the other you continue working with windows, chating or anything else.

    Thanks and I expect you understand my questions, my English isn't the best...
  4. I'm not sure. I'm not familiar with your driver version. I just have the ForceWare driver.

    The modes I am aware of are:
    Single display - only one monitor

    Clone - both monitors display the same thing (so they must have the same resolution and refresh rate)

    Span (vertical or horizontal) - two monitors act like 1 big monitor (I think they have to have the same resolution, and definitely the same refresh rate)

    Dualview - the monitors are separate but linked. Each monitor can have its own different resolution, refresh rate, etc. This is the mode I use. I start stuff up on my main display, and just drag it over to the other one.
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