EXPERT help needed brand new computer running extreamly slow

hey im a first time build and i just bought a

Asus M2N sli delux 570
Amd athlon X@ 4800+
2 gig XMS corsair ram
WD 250gb hard drive 16mb cach
XFX 7900GS

i built this system about a week ago and never had any problems installing it whent smooth but of course i had some help but it was running fast in the beggining but never really as fast as i thought it should.... i downloaded all updated drivers and what not but now my system is starting to run extreamly slow....

somthing could be connected wrong but iv checked and everything looks fine... nothing is running hot.. my brothers friends downloaded porn onto my computer while i was sleeping but i deleted it all and virus scanned it all out but it still isnt running like a $1000 computer running on cable

my internet takes forever to load up im shocked it let me get to post this.
when i try to load eq or vanguard it takes forever and nothing seems to be fast

i thought i might mention that my computer is hooked up to a network with my dads computer 2 xbox 360's and my borthers laptop but even when no one is using the computers and the 360's are off it doesnt run fast

so my real question is WHAT IS THE PROBLEM i cant handle it anymore i just want this thing to work....

is there anything i forgot to do or needed to do in the bios or somthing i wouldnt know about being 17 and 1st time builder... please anyhting that will get this thing to be fast again will be extreamly appricated
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  1. Stop dowloading pron. :twisted:

    You're registry may be dorked up depending on what got installed. Have you tried scanning for adware? Short of using some sort of reg cleaner, a fresh format/reinstall may be in order.
  2. Yeah, downloading porn usually means that aside from the pics, you probably have a ton of malware in there. Virus scanning is a start, but I would try multiple V-scans with different programs, if you can. Then, you also need to run adware/malware scanners (Adaware and Spybot are a good place to start). Even then, you may not be completely clean - I often use HijackThis to see if anything else is hanging around, and then even check the LSP with LSPFix to make sure everything is clean on that end.

    It's a bunch of crap to work on, but it's either that or a reformat.
  3. well... he has only had the system a week, so a reformat i wouldnt think would be too terribly much of a hassle, compared to having to repair and sift through everything that possibly went wrong (with no guarantee that itll be completely up to par again afterwards)... and since its inherantly a fast system anyhow, a complete OS reinstall (of XP) may only take 10 (or less) minutes anyhow... thats not to say the time involved with other applications and data that should already be backed up, or before a reformat at any rate.
  4. Unclear on something... was it slow before your friend got to the computer, or only after?

    If you have two sticks of ram, try using one, and then the other. It doesn't sound like the issue here since performance is degrading, but it's an easy check.

    Another good idea would be to attempt to install windows to another partition and see how it fares. At least if it runs smoothly you know it's either malware or drivers.

    If you do reinstall windows, make sure to install SP2 before installing any drivers. This will help ensure driver stability, because windows can load its own drivers for more pieces of hardware, and you may eliminate issues with faulty 3rd party drivers.
  5. So you said it WAS fast after you finished your built a week ago (even though it was not as fast as you thought it should be). Then after you got some porns downloaded on the computer, it runs extremely slow now?

    1. Check the BIOS setting for memory. My Asus M2N-SLI-Deluxe BIOS always defaults the memory setting to DDR2-400 (it should be DDR2-800 in this case). That's what I found out after finish up the build. I have manually changed to DDR2-800 and it's been running much faster since (I have downloaded the latest BIOS 702 from ASUS web site but not flashed the BIOS yet - may be it was a BIOS issue, I don't know). BTW, I'm running AMD64 X2 5200 on the board instead of X2 4800.

    2. Run Windows Task Manager. Go to the Process tab and check the box "Show processes from all users". Take a closer look at all processes currently running on your machine that takes most of the CPU times (CPU times is an option you have to enable in the Task Manager to view - Click View/Select Columns...). Is there anything that looks unsual or suspicious to you?

    3. If you have checked everything and the machine is still slow, then you got something very nasty on you computer (key logger, root kit, etc.. Just kidding). There is only one thing you could do to fix the problem: do a fresh and clean Windows install again to get rid of that stuffs. Go to the all folders and wipe out everthing that you're not familiar with and is not your stuffs or Windows.
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