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hi guys, i dont know if this question even makes sense, here goes... is it possible to network wirelessly two computers 3 kilometers away from each other? i have a DSL line at home and i want to share it to our office maybe 3 kilometers away. am paying a lot for the DSL line, but the thing is, i cannot afford another line in the office because DSL subscription here in the philippines is quite expensive especially for commercial use. iv heard about powerline networking, 802 a/b/g, but i dont know if any of these standards is capable of 3 kilometers range even with the help of a bigger antenna. any tips on how to do it and the things i need is very much appreciated... thanks. i dont need 54mbps speed, my DSL line is just 256kbps, so a speed of 1mbps would be very acceptable already. by the way there are lots of houses along the way.

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  2. 802.11b is capable of reaching 12 klm. or so.

    But you must have a 19dbi to 25dbi dirrectional antenna and line of sight.Meaning that the antennawill need to be mounted on rooftops or a mast to achieve line of sight.

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  3. can it not work like a walkie talkie radio? coz we have a wireless antenna at home and it can reach our office even though without line of sight

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