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Removing HDD with Linux

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August 22, 2001 4:06:47 PM

I have Linux Mandrake 8.0 on a 6 GB HDD. I also use Win98SE on a separate 20 GB HDD. How on earth do I remove the Linux HDD, put a different HDD instead and boot up Win98SE?

I've tried this by removing the 6GB HDD, putting a 4 GB HDD instead and booting. It won't boot. LILO won't load.

I used a Win98 bootdisk to get to DOS, then tried to go to Win, but it started with a blue-screen-of-death and a nice VFAT error message and locked up.

This is no biggie problem, but I'd like to use the 4 GB HDD as a "removable" HDD for tranportation and such.

Thanks in advance.

AMD Athlon 1 GHz
MSI K7T Pro 2 (VIA KT 133)
512 MB Ram (133 MHz)
20 (Seagate) + 6 (Maxtor) GB HDD
SB Live! 1024
Win98SE/ Mandrake Linux 8.0

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September 2, 2001 8:08:45 PM

Here you go. First make a boot disc from linux with lilo on it. Then go to winblows then make a boot disc on it and then boot with it then run type at the A prompt: fdisk /mbr
Then when ever you need to run linux just boot up with linux boot disc. If yuo dont use boot disc from linux, your winblows disc will boot up normaly under winblows. Don't know about your BSOD troubles, sorry. Now if you want to get rid of linux completely (please don't give up) just do as I said, and then boot with windows boot disc, then type at A prompt: fdisk
then choose "Change current disc" then reformat it to a "Primary partition". Then set it to "Active", then you can boot into win, then format it to FAT and you are all set to go and all your BSOD fun ;-)

800 Duron
128 ram
2#20 gig(5400&7200)
September 3, 2001 10:56:42 AM

Thank you a million times. I will do as you advice. Few questions though.

Using FDisk /mbr, will it remove my partition information? I have loads of stuff, that I wouldn't care to lose.

After FDisk /mbr, is it OK to sys c: from the boot disk? Yes, it will copy the sys files from a: to c: but does Linux mind about this? This way I wouldn't need a boot disk every time I boot (re-boot) Window$.

Semi-stupid question. How do I make a Linux boot-disk? I can boot only to KDE or Gnome. Haven't figured out how to access just Shell.

Thanks again,

- Jan :) 
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September 3, 2001 7:55:31 PM

OK, fdisk /mbr wont hurt a thing. All it does is set the master boot record (mbr) to use windows and niot any other boot manager. Well, let me boot into linux and find the exact proggie to make a linux boot disc. I'm a relative noob to linux, but I have had lots of experience in installing it and messing around with a hard drive :-)

800 Duron
128 ram
2#20 gig(5400&7200)
September 4, 2001 9:37:54 AM

Okay. Thanks. I almost make me laugh at my own question, about making a boot disk =) It wasn't that hard, after I re-attached the floppy cable (funny that Linux nor Windows didn't bother to give any error messages, they just crashed, maybe they're not that different afterall =) Anyways, now I think I'm ready to do some scientific experiments... hopefully :)  Thanks again.

- Jan :)