Need help!! I think my router has big problem....

I bought a D-Link router (D-Link Wireless-G Starter Kit (DWL-922C )) on Boxing Day on 2005. After several months, my internet started to go offline and online back and forth constantly. At first, i thought is my cable company's problem, but they said their network had no problem. Then, I disconnect the cable line from modem to the router, and connected to my computer directly. Then, my internet had didn't go offline anymore, even using BT and online gaming. I often use BT to download movie and do a lot of online gaming. However, when I connect back onto the router, the internet starts to go offline and online constantly again. I think is my router's problem, but I just don't know what problem is it? Will it a good idea to change my router? Can someone suggest me a good and not-so-expensive router that can support my massive downloading and online gaming? I heared the new D-Link gaming router is quite good, but the price is kind of expensive. Can someone suggest me a equal-grade one?
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  1. It does sound like your router went bad. I had a repeater that acted similarly. It would work fine after unplugging it and plugging it back in, but after a day or so the blinking lights wouldn't blink anymore, and it wouldn't repeat the signal. I think something was getting hot in it, or it was just plain cheap. I'm not sure which yet.

    Anyhow, I would try a new router. Linksys routers have done well for me in the past, as well as D-Link. I currently have the Gaming Router from D-Link that you wrote about, and it is definitely a great router. I've not had a single problem out of it, and firmware updates are very easy to keep up with.

    The more you spend on a router usually the better of a router you'll get. I would go ahead and spend $60-$100 on a good one and be done with it. Just make sure you've got it on the surge protector after that. :D I recently bought one of the D-Link Platinum Rangebooster routers. I think it was $120 or so, but it is an excellent router as well.

    You can find decent linksys routers for around $60-$70 if a more expensive one isn't an alternative for you. Linksys is associated with Cisco somehow these days, so their stuff should be pretty good (that's just an assumption based upon the Cisco name being paired with them though). I haven't had trouble with Linksys in the past either though.
  2. Then, will the Linksys router with speedbooster(this is one:
    work out fine if i do a lot of BT downloading and online gaming? One of my friends said that is probably that too much downloading and uploading will cause the router overheated, then it will constantly reboot itself. I hope the Linksys router with speedbooster will not have such a issue...or else i think i will get the D-Link's gaming router. If anyone has other good router for massive downloading and gaming plz give me the name
  3. My only advice:

    Buy a new router :D
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