DS-101J Worries

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I have recently purchased a ds-101j NAS device from Synology.

Over the week or so that I have had the device it has been great. However, last night I had a power cut at my home.
After the power had been restored, I finally logged back onto my machine, I fired up my MP3 player and was surprised to hear no music from my speakers. I navigated to my ds-101j and I found there was no shares setup.
I logged into the admin page and found the free space on my NAS was 100%, All my data had been wiped.
At this point I hit the panic button, all my photo’s, web page, private documents had gone.
To try and see if I can replicate this I re-flashed the firmware and copied some data across to my NAS device. I then simulated a power failure and pulled the power out of my ds-101j. The first time nothing happened, but, after several simulations it happened again. Everything was gone.

I know this is not specific to my device because I have tested this on my colleague’s ds-101j and the same fault occurs

If any of you have also got one of these devices it would be great if you could test your own but be warned, everything will be deleted.

I have contacted Synology and am waiting for a response.

If you have one of these devices (Latest firmware, I am unable to test previous firmware’s) I recommend you backup your important documents/pictures to your PC, Just incase.

I will post my response when I receive it.
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  1. That's crap, I'd take that thing back. A NAS shouldn't lose 100% of your data if the power fails. I could understand perhaps losing or corupting any files you might have had open at the time, but not everything...
  2. Yer :/, I’m hoping a firmware update will sort it out.

    I just posted here in the hope that anyone who has this hardware can avoid what I have gone through.

    It would be a great NAS device if this problem wasn’t there. I'm still waiting for a response from Synology.

    We can only hope they will sort it.
  3. Just a quick update.

    I received the following e-mail

    I am sorry for this trouble.

    We would like to check the issue if you could send DS to us. If you take the proposal, please refer to the attached file and following the information below to send DS to us. Transportation costs will be paid by Synology both ways.

    Please refer to the attachment and follow the steps below:
    1. pack the DS-101j with HDD.
    2. print out this mail and then put it with DS-101j.
    3. Print out the "Packing list.doc".
    4. Calling UPS people.
    5. Fill in the B/L (refer to the sample.jpg)

    When we received the goods, we will check the issue and send DS-101j back to you.

    Please let me know your decision.

    Synology now have the device back at their headquarters for testing. They paid for UPS to collect and return it to me.

    As before, I will keep you updated.
  4. Well, at least they're being stand up about it and not just brushing you off. It sounds like they think you have a defective unit...
  5. J have the same problem. I have lost all data after one power off. New firmware maybe solve this.
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