E6600: Motherboard for high O/C but no need for SLI?


I'm looking for some help in choosing a MB for at least 450MHz FSB as I want to try to take my E6600 (on order) to about 4GHz if possible. I will be happy if I get 3.6GHz, but if my chip has 4GHz in it I want my MB to support it.

I have on order:

1. Xclio 600w power supply made by Channel Wells
2. 2x1GB Corsair 6400C4A RAM that uses top quality Micron chips
3. Sunbeam Tuniq cooler 120mm fan
4. EVGA 8800GTS
5. E6600 C2D processor

Now I need to navigate this mess of 965, 975, 680i, 650i and RD600 and the actual boards that contain them.

I'm in this situation because eWiz cancelled my Asus Commando order and at $211 it was a good deal.

I could get a Commando for $249, but I may as well get the DFI RD600 board for $269. I hear a lot about the Intel XBX2 board a lot and my memory is EPP enabled so maybe an Nvidia board isn't a bad idea.

I'm confused.

I really don't want to have to volt mod a board either, I just want it to be good enough to not hold back my processor.
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  1. eVGA 680i will get you that result.

    Running the the processor above 3.2Ghz on the tuniq tower is risky, I recommend dropping the multi to 8 and run the FSB up to 400 for 3.2Ghz. 3.2Ghz vs 3.6Ghz you will not notice any performance loss in your general use (gaming, surfing etc).

    If your gonna be stressing the CPU with the work you do it just isn't worth the extra Mhz. at 3.6-4.0Ghz you can expect the temps to be going over 60C Load while mine at 3.2Ghz doesn't go over 50C load.

    Anyway enough of my rant, the eVGA 680i comes with a Fan for the northbridge cooler, it is quite and preforms well keeping the NB nice and cool for some serious FSB OCing. The only gripe I have with this board is the connections for everything is layout is very crap, but everything else preforms well.

    Ive push my e6600 to 3.8Ghz (9x 423Mhz), I stopped there cause temps were getting to high for my Tuniq tower ( don't like my C2D going over 55C load )

    My system specs

    PC & P 1kw Turbo (Single Rail)
    2x1GB Crucial PC2-6400
    eVGA 8800GTX SLi
  2. I think Asus striker Extreme is the best overclockin.I have mine and its really coooooool even you overclock your FSB up to 500.I OC my e6600 to 4.2ghz with no any probelm and all inside my case is cool like crazy.But I recommend you to use water cooler to get 500 FSB.And for cases I recommend you to use TT kandalf LCS edition coz this cases is good for gaming and keep your system cool 24hours.I run a BM for this and its get very high then you ever seen before with this system.As for video card i think you should wait for r600 coz its performance twice the CFx1950xtx when I see
    they latest test about this hardware on ATI AMD main lab.So,if you want for real overclock beast monster get the monster system that I recommend for you just now.If you don't,its up to you.
  3. Quote:
    I think Asus striker Extreme is the best overclockin.

    You're the first person I read that actually recommended the Striker. Maybe Asus updated their BIOS? Last I heard, 400Mhz was the highest FSB. Hopefully it's fixed now.

    Anyways, 500Mhz FSB is impressive, but still less than the 965 Commando and DFI's RD600. Plus the temps of the chipset is much cooler on any of these than any 680i.
  4. Thanks for your help. I got impatient and ordered the DFI RD600 board. It came yesterday and it is all set up but I haven't started overclocking. I will keep your advice in mind before I push the processor too hard.
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