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I realize this is probably a worn out topic but
I am looking for a new high capacity external hard disk and am as the subject line implies debating between an external hard drive and an internal inside an enclosure.

Obviously the enclosure route would be cheaper, but are there does a regular external HD have an advantage in terms of stability/ruggedness/cooling?
I currently use an enclosure I purchased in Korea about a year and a half ago. It works fine, however, the power cord design is not good as it can easily be pulled out (it's got the small pins kinda an S video wire).

I am concerned primarily with the ruggedness of the enclosure/external HDD as I plan on using my new hard drive for use with Serato Scratch Live (Vinyl Emulation DJing Program) and do not want power cords falling out or bezels popping off on me while I am playing a gig. Cooling is an issue as well. I have seen several enclosures on new egg that have fans inside of them, do these work well enough to ensure that my hard disk will live a normal life span (i.e. a regular internal hard disk inside a computer case).
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  1. Basically any external hard drive is just an internal hdd in an enclosure. The advantage of putting it together yourself is that it's not only cheaper but you can ensure the best parts. On the enclosure make sure you have the external connection you'll need, USB, which they almost all come with, firewire if that's what the equipment you'll be plugging it into takes, and eSata for connecting it to the computer you have your music stored on because it's the fastest connection. Heat shouldn't be a problem with a good aluminum case Tale a look at this:

  2. External hard drives typically have only a 1 year warranty.

    Internal hard drives can have up to a 5 year warranty.

    Below are two links to Seagate hard drives. The first is external, the next is internal. Note the warranty period.

    Pushbutton Backup 750-GB USB 2.0 & FireWire External Hard Drive

    Barracuda 7200.9 SATA 500-GB Hard Drive

    To me it's worth sticking an internal hard drive into an external case to get the longer warranty.
  3. "Basically any external hard drive is just an internal hdd in an enclosure. "

    Do you know if the enclosure of a regular external hard drive is meant to handle movement/shocks/etc. better than a normal enclosure? Reliability/durability/good construction are very important for me

    Again maybe it is my experience with this shoddily designed enclosure (thanks for korea, for this one) but I find that the HDD moves around too easily in the case I currently have, which is a HA-350 by MIPS Future Data Storage.
  4. You can get a good, rugged enclosure that should hold up. If your concerned about getting to a job and the drive/enclosure going south, I'd take two external drives. I'd also get a carrying case of some sort. Finally, watch the placement. Check out some reviews of enclosures. Probably would want a thicker one. Check out the enclosures on newegg, they have a lot of them. Some people will likely be complaining about weight and bulk but this would be good for you.
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