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Now ive owned a custom build desktop for a while now and I had a window7 64 bit recovery CD that came with the computer (was built for me be ibuypower) and I seem to have lost it... Now looking on the internet ive noticed there is a "repair" disk thats made but its only 164MB.... Thats not sitting well with me. The way ill ask this is: I like to reformat my HDD every 3 months or so with a fresh Win7 install. I know the OS is about 17-30G (i forget) so i would like to know what this 164MB repair disk is for. and whether or not this: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=11194 is what im actually supposed to be looking for...
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  1. Quick qustion, Why not use windows 7 Backup utility?? It will create an image of your "C" drive and also create a boot DVD so that the image can be restored - Works great as I've used it several times. Located in control panel.

    In liew of the Boot disk, you can use any Win 7 (64 bit) Installation disk to re-install the image file.
  2. Hmm, sorry for taking so long to respond but i had some things come up that kept me away. I read about the backup utility but when you say "image" do you mean a copy of a fresh win7 install or everything that i have currently on my computer? Either way, id like a fresh install/factory defaults to just have everything I have lingering on my pc/registry cleared out.

    Is the link i supplied the one im looking for to do this?
  3. ?? Do you still have the Key, If so ypou May be able to borrow a installion disk and use your Key - No guaranty.

    But before doing this use windows 7 to create an image of your C drive. IF above does NOT work, you need this to get back to a usable operating system.

    If You are able to install and register (using Your Old Key) - after installing all your drivers, Make a new image file and use this to re-install your operating system - It will be just as good as doing the re-install from a Installation disk - But faster. Could do it right after installing all your programs and not have to re-install them.
  4. Yes I have the original key, I plan on making a image of the original programs of a fresh install now that i know about the image. So to get the disk off my os do as the link I mentioned above? As far as an image, do you mind linking me a guide for a backup image just want to be sure I do it right.
  5. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/4241/how-to-create-a-system-image-in-windows-7/

    Above indicates that this is under the start menu - NOT on mine. But just go to control panel, Under systems should see Backup. The rest of his explanation is good.
  6. So if I dont know anyone that runs a 64bit system to loan me a cd and i do have a cd key, the link i posted at my first post is the correct way of create one off of my os to a cd right? Many thanks in advance.
  7. imgburn and the link that area51 posted do the same thing as the windows backup utility do. Which you use is the one you feel most confortable using.

    NONE of them create a "Windows Intallation Disk", they all create a image of what is on the system drive and that is what is restored. So it will restore your operating system (and Key) and all programs that where installed at the time the image was made. ANY problems that are present at the time the image is made are also restored. Only will fix problems that are created after the image was created, on same token any programs that were installed after image will NOT be restored.
  8. Contact ibuypower, I think they are still in business, they can probably send you a restore disk. May cost a bit but will be less than buying a new Windows disk to do a clean setup.
  9. ^ good advice, always nice to have the "orginal" installation disk.

    However it is best once you have everything setup, all windows updates installed and all drivers updated and the programs that you normally use installed - then create your image file. Use This image file to redo your "3 Month" freash install, unless ofcoarse you ENJOY reloading windows, doing all the windows updates, re-installing all the drivers that require updating and don't forget installing all your programs.

    Just recieved my new usb3 encloure today. Installed my new 1 TB F3 drive. Plugged it into my SB notebook - It took less than 5 Minutes to backup (create image file) of My boot drive ( 80 Gig SSD) using the windows 7 BU program.
  10. Thanks for all the help guys, I am kinda low on the budget atm so i was wondering if there was a way to just get a torrent for it and have it still have the same effect?
  11. Darkfalz89 said:
    Thanks for all the help guys, I am kinda low on the budget atm so i was wondering if there was a way to just get a torrent for it and have it still have the same effect?

    If you can find an OEM key for your version of 7 you can try it.
  12. ^ He already stated that he has the key, and I suggested that he borrow a installation disk and apply HIS key.

    Note: This worked on my new laptop. I used a retail copy of Windows 7, BUT used the key that came with the laptop.
  13. And i also stated no one i know has a 64 bit windows 7 disk, but from what the original poster said i guess ill just dl the torrent and find out.
  14. Darkfalz89 - the 164MB file you are talking about in your first post sounds to me like the repair disk that is created when you do your first Windows 7 backup/image. Win 7 offers to create a Boot CD for restoring the image you just took of the C: drive. In a 2 HDD system - boot partition/drive should be imaged to a partition on the second drive right after you have Win7 installed and all updates done. Then, if HDD 1 fails and you lose your boot drive, or you just want to start fresh, you insert this repair boot CD and set your PC to boot CD first and this repair CD will walk you through restoring. You will be able to select the image you took that you saved on your 2nd drive.
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