Need a case reccomendation <$100

I'm in the process of spec'ing out my new box. I struggle the most with cases and the vast selection available. I'm currently thinking about the Antec P180, but my intent is to factor in the suggestions I get in this post. Here's my criteria:

1 - Less than $100 (I'll pay for the P180, but I'd like to find something lower in price)

2 - I would like clear-sided to show off my Zalman 9500, but I'm not looking for too much bling

3 - Must have good airflow - I'm going to OC. Don't know if a side fan interferes with the Zalman.

4 - Don't care about a PSU - I'm getting a Seasonic and I'll sell any "stock" PSUs that may come with it.

5 - I'd prefer steel because of the noise factor, but I'm not partial to either alum. or steel.

6 - Weight is of no concern. I don't lug this thing around.

7 - It must be large enough to accomodate 3 hard drives, DVD burner, Flash reader mounted in 5 1/4 bay, the Zalman, and a Nvidia 8800 (don't have one now, but I'm looking to get once prices drop - or whatever is the best option for DX10 at the time).

8 - Temperature gauge would be a nice to have, but not necessary. I'm not a fan of the analog meters.

9 - The lower the noise the better.

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  1. I have one of these there solid like a rock and lots of room and cooling and tooless

    Also I have purchased one of these for another rig I am building

    Edit: Also the P180 is a excellent case but I would not consider it a high airflow case IMO
  2. Thanks...I like the first one. The second one makes me want to buckle up and prepare for take off!
  3. If you look you can find the P180 for $99.00 shipped (after rebate).

    I'm am sure you have haerd many talking about this case but there is a reason.

    I just recently did a build with a P180 and it was a great case to work with and is so very well engineered.

  4. Yeah - I've seen the rebate. I like the P180 a lot. I've just struggled to find anything around the same cost or less that has my specs above. The Raidmax in snake's post was pretty cool and right on for what I was looking for - additional suggestions from people who have actually used these boxes. Though I'm certainly leaning towards the P180 right now, I'm curious to see if there is anything out there that comparers to what I like about the P180 and fits the criteria above.

  5. Anyone have any experience with the Thermaltake Tsunami?
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