HELP!!!! - NTune & Coolbits corrupt my display

I am having a strange problem that I just figured out the cause of, but not the solution to. I have an XFX 7600GT video card. I had it overclocked to 630Mghz/1.65Ghz from 590Mghz/1.60Ghz. I ran all kinds of tests for a few days and it was stable. I took the card and mb out to do some rearranging and put everything back together. I decided to take the computer to my HDTV and hook it up. It looked like I was having weird display problems and the system was slow, so I brought it back upstairs and hooked it up to my 22" LCD.

The problems continued here. The windows login screen looks fine, but when I login, the screen flashes blue, looks like a corrupt jpeg(if you have ever seen one of those), and is filled with tiny dots all over the place (at first, I though these were dead pixels, but they are not). The system is also slow. I booted into safe mode and VGA mode and everything is fine. I then reinstalled the drivers 93.71 and the system came back fine. I noticed that the coolbits tweak was gone, so I reinstalled it and the problem reappeared almost immediately. So, I reinstalled the drivers, and grabbed NTune and tried to make a change and as soon as I did, the problem came back.

What is going on here? Is my card bad, or are these programs just flakey? The weird thing is that everything was fine for a few days until I pulled the card out. It is seated in properly and my system functions as normal without coolbits or nTune. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Can someone please help?

Ok, I thought this was just a driver issue with Ntune or something, but now I get the problem with no Ntune or Coolbits. I even tried undoing my OC on my memory and RAM, which passed 16 hours of MemTest and 6 hours of Orthos. When I run 3dMark, the screen always flashes blue between each test and then at the end, it hoses up and I get my artifacts and the system is unusable. Is it possible that the card is damaged? Could this be a motherboard problem?
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  1. I may be way off the mark here but dont the 7600's use the same chip set as the 7900's?

    I have seen different reports from many web sites about the problems these cards first had when they were released.

    But what I have taken from the reports is the memory is set to high and they fry....once you break it you cant fix it. As such I have both my cards underclocked to 600/600 lol because I cant take that chance. The main reason I think you may have a similar problem is 3dmark 06 locks up on the deep freeze for most people who had these didnt state which 3dmark you were using though...

    I may be way off mark about this so your best bet is to do some searching of your own and see if your problem matches others.

    Is your card under warranty still?
  2. hi there !
    i had almost the same prob with my galaxygforce6600gt128,but it seems the best results for oc the nvidia chip is not ntune or coolbits....
    1 u sure that your psu is good enough?
    2 for best results for oc try this...
    in my case it worked ....and with best results for my 6600gt :D
  3. you could have blown the core.....i had a problem with my 9800PRO where it worked..and had the exact same symptoms as yours.
    anyway my guess is that you've damaged the core or some part of the card. i'd guess its fine at lower voltages i.e. less stress. but as soon as it hits up against stress like running 2 monitors simaltaniously it cant handle it.
  4. Thanks for your responses. I emailed XFX support and they said my card is likely faulty as well. Luckily, I had already started the RMA process with the EGG and picked up a ATI X1950XT. So far, none of the problems exist anymore, so it was the card. BTW, for those of you who have issues like this in the future, this video card diagnostics site was pretty helpful.
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