Did I successfully install W7?

I had W7 RC before I put my sony vaio windows 7 upgrade in and installed it. The drivers such as webcam and etc. seem to be working, except the fingerprint driver. Mainly, I noticed on the desktop background it still says "Windows 7, Evaluation copy. Build 7100", how do I know for sure I installed it?

Thing is, I just hope that whenever next summer 2010, my laptop won't shut off every hour or however long it is.
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  1. Did you have to activate it with the product key provided with the retail copy of W7? If not and based on the fact that you are still seeing the eval. copy in the right hand corner of the screen, I'd guess that it didn't install. Did you do a fresh install? Meaning, did you wipe the HDD and then install the full version?
  2. No you havn't installed the upgrade you are still running the RC.
    RC is not upgradable, for one thing it's the Ultimate version and your upgrade from Sony is probably Home Premium, you can't upgrade to a lower version.
    That said, Microsoft has stated that you need to do a clean install after using the RC.
    What you need to do is, restore your Sony to the way it was when you got it, Vista, XP whichever was on it, from the restore disks or partition, read your manual or go to the Sony site for how to do this.
    When you have it back to original, you can then use your Sony upgrade disk.
  3. I got rid of vista

    I guess I'll have to borrow xp from my uncle
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