Trying to check my OC temps and mess with some fan speeds but I am only getting 1 reading from Speedfan HD0. I can't see any voltages, temps, fan speeds... nothing besides a single Hard Drive Temp. I tried getting one of the user made configuration things, but my motherboard wasn't on the list.

I am trying to get my computer to run quieter.

I am running an Abit AB9, E6400 w/ a Arctic Freezer 7 Pro, and an Antec True Power Trio.

Does anyone know why I am only getting a single reading in Speedfan (I am running Speedfan 4.31 fyi).
Is speedfan the best program to control these fans? Can I control my PSU fans with speedfan? Do I have any other/better options as far as a fan control program goes?

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  1. Speedfan does a similar thing for me, so I'm not overly keen on it really. You'll probably be better off getting voltages and fan speeds from the apps that came with your mobo.
  2. that's not exactly true: some pieces of hardware do have capabilities not reflected in the BIOS or in their driver - it's not because there's no button for it that it won't work...

    Example: my mobo won't go past a 240 MHz socket speed; still, using Clockgen I made it run at 250.

    Another example, is Intel's Pentium III-M driver; under Windows it's only able to do user (or APM event) triggered clock changes. Under Linux, it does dynamic, on-demand clock changes - because it uses the same driver more recent processors use, with parts of its functionalities being implemented in software (CPU idle state detection for example)

    Some 'missing' features come from cuts on development costs, others come from cautious hiding of sensitive, unsafe settings. Those can still be changed with some overwriting of CMOS values through more convenient interfaces than a memory HEX editor.
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