Anyone here from New York, Help me


I', going to be visiting the US for a short while and I want to buy some pc components. Where would be the best place to buy from?

Only place I know is CompUSA, are they good?

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  1. Hi, thanks for the advice, and I will follow what you say.

    I want the system mentioned on Toms OC guide Part 3.


    Gigabyte Ds3 Motherboard

    Cant find the OCZ 2x1GB PC2-6400 System Dual ELite Ram at Newegg.
    Can you help me or even suggest an alternative.

    Dont know which 8800GTS to choose can you help with a cost saving but good suggestion. Did see the XFX 8800gts but not sure how good it is ( $399)

    Antec Trio 550 PSU ( $99.99), open to suggestions here as well

    All suggestions and help welcome.

    Please reply soon as I order tomorrow.

    Do you know how warranties would work since I'm not from the US?

  2. Train smash!

    Newegg only allows deliveries to the address that matches the address of your credit card statement which is not the US for me.

    Any idea what I can do?
  3. Where abouts are you from? Have you taken into account that you may get hit by import taxes when get the stuff back to your own county?
    I'm no expert on this but I have heard of people having Inland Revenue calling on people to collect tax on the good they've brought back with them or had sent over.
    I think the price in the UK is something like £18 before they tax you, iirc.
    I've bought things like DVDs and games from the US before but nothing has been over the £18 mark, so I've yet to be taxed, thankfully.

    Hopefully a more knowledgable forum member will be able to clarify whether I'm right to raise this concern.
  4. You should be able to ship to a different address as long as it´s o.k. with your credit card company. Making it o.k. usually requires you to call your credit card company and add the new address as an authorized shipping address. If newegg doesn´t allow you to designate a different shipping address when you order online then try calling them to place the order, or use a different website (zipzoomfly, tigerdirect, etc)
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    It seems none of the online stores in the US will accept my credit card.

    So anyone have any ideas whats the best walk in stores to buy PC equipment?
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