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Hi Guys

I have really started getting into the idea of making my own custom case from having read what you guys get up to. I have a nasty old case I was thinking of using as my first project case. The type of tower case where the lid comes off all in one piece etc. I was going to strip it empty and have some fun. I was thinking of cutting the lid and making it into a normal 3 piece case. Now I think the logical cut for the sides would be below the top fold mark and not below. Anybody else had experience on this? I was then going to put the sides on a hinge and have hidden "push to open" cabinet hardware so there were no obvious handles or rear screws. Bad idea?
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  1. I can't visualize the kind of case you are talking about, but I like the hidden cabinet switch idea. I was going to do that with my custom case but I went against it because I needed an air tight seal to have the airflow where I wanted it.
  2. Hi Tool!

    I'm a tool fan as well. Going to see them in Australia soon at the Big Day Out events. I will post a pictuer of my case so you know what I'm talking about. I followed your wooden case from your original post and it was good to see the outcome. I was thinking of doing my case old school hot rod style. I was going to cut the box and mod the side panels so it had "suicide doors", spray it candy apple metallic red, chrome up the cd rom drive and reset/on off buttons etc. Try and do some sound proofing, maybe even spray out the inside of the case chrome as well. I was going to cut out a fire pattern in the side panel, put in some plexi glass behind that and put some red/yellow lights behind that. Couple of extra fans etc.
  3. Hi mpilchfamily!

    Thats exactly what I'm trying to do. I was thinking of putting in a small gas door mechanism to hold the flap open or make to so its on suicide doors that fold backwards. I just dont want to cut the case until I can find a way to make a nice seal at the top cut .......
  4. Hi again!

    Thanks for the links I will check them out when I'm home tonight.
  5. Check my sig out for some good case modding guides.
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