RANT! intel/nvidia vs. amd/ati POST ur BS

So, with all the C2D goodness (and the quads) and all the cool beans they have brought with them to us....will intel chips paired with 680nforce/8800's boards be able to touch r600's on the true 4x4's (when there out)?

I mean come on...ati is taking forever to launch the r600 (probably gonna be a 2800 xtx or sumthin) but they promised us it would be the best direct x9 card. So if they are taking forever...maybe its just to put its release closer to amd's native quad cores. :?: :!:

Even though amd is showing loss they are making money off of every intel gamer who buys any ati based card/mobo. :lol: ati beat nvidia to 90nm...

Honestly though native quad cores and the first cpu maker to introduce an L3 cache...i know everyone is bitching about how small it is...but the cache's don't make a damn bit of difference between 6400's and 6600's.... :oops:

all these articles on toms about how our harddrive suck balls...I think amd's 4x4 is going to dominate at least for a few months...i mean two native quad cores 4 gigs of memory 4 r600's and 4 harddrives??? Can you say bragging rights at 500fps?? :twisted:

Intel isn't going to release native quadcores for sometime...even though they are going to beat amd to 45nm they are still going to have to design a native quad core...maybe amd can milk 65 for a while like they did with 90nm...

but with ati...if when amd moves to 45 they get smart and start stickin a bunch of r700 cores (as apu's) onto their 4x4 (or 8x8...) intel is gonna get boned... 8O

just a rant...lets here some more!!

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  1. Do you mean C2D Crossfire vs. 4x4 SLI?
  2. no....i mean intel sli and amd crossfire...
  3. wha..wait a minute.. you bumped it 1 min after you posted? Decaf anyone?
  4. In terms of CPU-GPU integration, AMD has no advantage over intel

    look why http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/AMD-Fusion-slip-decade-ftopict218827.html
  5. ROFL, 4x4 is a joke. Intel's Quad is native. Where is the option for Intel/ATI, because that is what I enjoy the best...regardless of AMD ownership. I can easily put 4gb of ram in my system, so im not sure what the 4x4 system with 4gb rant is about, but oh well. lol, unless this is a joke then you are severely mis-informed and I agree completely with all the bumping requests.


  6. The newly released ATI RD600 chipset mobo is a Intel C2D board which tells me they do support their competitor!
  7. I voted Intel/NVidia, but my real choice will be Intel/ATI. I never want to go dual-VPU unless the second one is a used one used for graphic processing.

    The real question is, who has more to loose. Intel for not having any Crossfire compatible board starting with next generation chipset... or ATI for loosing all the high-end market on Intel market, which is still much bigger than AMD one????

    I wouldn't be surprise to see AMD/ATI let Intel do a Crossfire chipset to make sure they don't loose that market.

    Let me know if you think I'm wrong, but I hope not, because I use my computer for more thant gaming, so CPU is just as important to me.
  8. well i know intel/crossfire setups are an option and will probably be the dominator until amd gets their sh*t 2gether. Honestly what kind of a man throws a shoe?!

    intel's quad is not native, its two c2d's stuck on one die...

    L3 cache + Hypertransport 3....i'm telling you guys AMD wouldn't dominate for YEARS and then totally suck it up....

    go 45nm penryn...what kind of freakin name is that?! AMD is going to have to dominate at least ONE benchmark...if they pick the right one (Servers benchmarks...) they will never stop making enough money to give intel a crapload of grief.

    Maybe i mentioned this...but if ati doesn't tank on the r600 and rd600 they profits and gains they get go right into amd's pocket.
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