Help me choose router/network adapter, please!

Hi, I'll be moving soon and needed a few information on wireless networking because I won't be able to run wires to my various computers.

I currently have 5 computers but will probably only move 3 (I'll give the others to friends or family). I'll have a 5mbps cable connection, a main gaming computer, a "server" mostly for PVR and data storage and a laptop. I also have an Ipaq 6510b which has bluetooth but not wifi built-in.

I want to build a wireless network for the laptop and the Ipaq 6510b. I could add a SDIO wi-fi card to the 6510b but those cards are usually 802.11b and are extremly hard to find in Canada or simply use the built-in Bluetooth. The advantage of using the 802.11b is simple, I'd also be able to connect to the various wireless networks out there and be able to check my e-mails, use msn messenger, etc.

I was considering a DGL-4300 and 1 or 2 DWL-G132. (Chose the DGL-4300 because I plan on adding a few computers on the gigabit network later)

Too reduce the noise level in my bedroom, I'd like to place the "server" elsewhere but I would have to rely on a wireless network (I don't need to transfer huge files frequently so not being on the gigabit network is not really a problem. Worst case scenario, I can swap HDDs) and the laptop would be wireless too.

Here are my questions :

1. Anybody knows where I can get a good SDIO wi-fi card for the 6510b, in Canada or somewhere that ships to Canada (I checked NCIX and they are all special orders and last time I tried to order one I was told a month later they wouldn't be able to send me one and refunded me)?

2. Will the SDIO card have a huge impact on the performance of the wireless network when it's active? (I can always turn it off when I don't need it)

3. Is the DWL-G132 a good choice for the "server" and the laptop?

BTW, in case you are wondering, the "server" is a 3.4ghz (first generation Prescott :( ) with 3 sata1 hdds (300gb each)

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  1. Dude, if u want a good router, just look on the toms hardware front page...theres a list of all the really good ones...

    heres the link man
    Router Choices

    I have the Rangemax 240 and i love it, its awesome....
    Another good one is the D-Link Mimo 108G..
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