Low end gaming systems

I have several ideas for articles around this theme A lot of them involve the lower end AMD APUs

First their isn't much practical testing of the new Trinitys especially comparing them to other low cost processors and video cards, in real world gaming.

I get annoyed with many of your tests as you use 1620 x 1080 resolution as a minimum. Why not test some REAL low end systems on something like 19 inch screens or even 17? No one in my family has anything bigger than a 20 inch and that's mine. I'm originally from Missouri and my family lives there mom and my brother, both spend a lot of time on computers but have even smaller screen maybe17 inch.

I would like to see real world gaming tests for systems under $200, $250, and $300. For example a Pentium G640 with a 220 video card compared to a Llano A6-3500, a trinity A4-5300, and a A6-5400k.

Include some older stuff I'm living in the Philippines now and newer versions like a Pentium 8xx just aren't available yet.

I'm specifically looking for low end stuff that doesn't use a lot of electricity as electric rates are double here. Few here and I suspect many in the US too cant afford even mid range computers. And I certainly couldn't make money with them in my internet cafe. Having 20 computers and a thin margin I really need to keep electric costs down.

Another idea I had is for pairing a A10-5800 with a good graphics card I bet you can get a good bang for the buck doing that since they are so much cheaper than any other quad core.
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  1. There is google, you can search certain pairs of CPUs and GPUs.
  2. Already tried that for the last week nothing useful on this range of stuff.
  3. mr. johneh77,

    athlon 2 x2 270
    4 or 8 gig ddr3 1333 memory the better
    960 fx / 760fx (these don't have usb3/sata3)
    500 gig hd
    6670 1gb ddr3
    descent "branded" ps.

    note: this example is for very tight budget and not picky..

    if u can help it, go for 4 cores, 8gig ddr3 1600, 1 gb hd even if its green (cost less), and 7750/7770.
    go for discrete as much as possible if its just for gaming with low end cpu, these built in gpu is great for budget but snuffs out some of your memory in the process..

    all i can understand with higher resolution testing/stress is to illustrate the maximum capability of one/several product or the whole build.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Will forward on to our editorial guys.
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