48v Dc fans .50amps

sup, i am new to tomshardware fourms and wondering if anyone can help me on this website. currently i am running a amd 3000 venice overclocked to 2.97ghz and wanna get some more air running in my case, so i grabbed a pair of very high cfm fans (as case(stacker 810) coolers,i got water kit running for the cpu)
fan #1---Comair Rotron----Major----48V DC. .48amps----286cfm air
fan #2---nidec V Beta t600Dc------48V Dc.... .50amps------350cfm air
my queston is how do i power these things?
any 1 knwo any 48v dc adapters with 1amp?
anyone know any place where i can find 48v adapters for DC fans?
it would help a lot
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  1. Seems like massive overkill. What about a pair of 120mm 12VDC fans that run on a couple of watts each, instead of the 25W each of the fans you listed?
  2. all i can say is....holy overkill batman

    300+ CFM.....

    48 volts.....you got a transformer/rectifier for those? cause a PSU aint gonna do it(wont start under 24 volts....)....

    On the other hand you can run most 24 volt fans on 12 volts......but the current will be high(more amps)....and the speed low(still allot of CFM tho)....
  3. hey thanks all, i actually found a power supply from a surplus store that has 48v dc and supports 2.0 amps, so last night i hooked all these fans up for noise to air ratio. all i have to say is i was damn impressed. these fans have almost same noise level as my delta 120mm fan (58db), but the air they move is soooo damn much. pretty soon i will be modding my pc and post pictures on tomshardware. it might be the loudest or the most rediclous mod ever but it might be a good use of time lol.
  4. pictures.......when done at least....
  5. Current will not be higher when undervolting a fan.


    decreased voltage= decreased amps. The resistance (the fan) stays the same.
  6. I can see it now.....

    ...feeling faint....I can't seem to inhale anymore.....please.... will someone ask freezed1..... to turn off ....his fans


    and if he puts wings on it, he can fly to the next room.
  7. would love to see pics of this one when its done subscribed also temps would be useful
  8. Quote:
    pictures.......when done at least....

    yeah man, i am gona be starting it on saturday, as i have a class at university at 6.00 to night, so sat seems an awsome day to start the project =D. i will post pics asap.
  9. Quote:
    would love to see pics of this one when its done subscribed also temps would be useful

    yeah man, i will post the pics, also i am ancious to see the results too. i just have to figure out a way to release the back pressure from so much air flow. i will think that in class today lol. but yeah i will post my results and pics, and also the description how i made these things work( if it will help anyone in the future, as i had to do a lot of searching to find the right parts and how i hook em up and what things u need to do this mod successfully. ). maybe after this they will start making cases espically for overclockers with mounts for 172 mm fans.
  10. Quote:
    would love to see pics of this one when its done subscribed also temps would be useful

    yeah man i am also ancious to see hte results too. i will post my current results with the delta 120mm 130cfm fan, and then with these new 172 mm fans, with pictures off coarse =D
  11. rolf ....... :lol:
    maybe if i hook up ten of em, i can make the first hovering pc =D
  12. well i got home today and took some pictures of my fans and my pc.
    here ya go.
    tommrow i will post pics of the project =D


    my pc, with my logitech g15 and logitech g5 combo , srry for my messed up room

    fans spinning at 4600 rpm and 4200 rpm

    a general pc picture with alomost everything
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