ECS KN1 and Opteron 165 problem

Morning to all!!

Cant seem to get this combo to work properly...yes, it runs good at 1.8 ghz, but i'd like to increase the speed a bit...the bios i have will only allow me to increase the processor stepping to "9" where it's maxed out...i have read where the stepping should go up to "25" but mine doesnt even indicate that it will go that the Opteron limiting the stepping? How is it that some folks are able to get some really great speed from a simular combination and i'm not able?? I would definately appreciate some assistance!!

Thanks to all!!

Cktbreak3r in arizona :?
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  1. Here's a link to X-Bit that discusses overclocking the KN1

    And you're talking about the CPU's multiplier, not it's stepping.
  2. Morning! Thanks for the response! And yes, you are correct, i was talking about the cpu multiplier..i guess i had "stepping" on my mind for some reason! Had been reading everything on this motherboard i could find and stated it wrong! Again, thanks for the response, i'll check out the article.

    Cktbreak3r in Arizona
  3. Don't expect much. From what I've read, the KN1 is technically capable of being a good overclocker but apparently isn't much of one. You should be able to get some positive results though. Make sure to read the article thoroughly as it appears the overclocking options are scattered all over the place throughout the BIOS. I'd suggest getting your manual out as well as a notepad and start making notes on where to find everything. speeduk's guide would also be a good reference read as well.
  4. I have the same mother board kn1 sli with a 4000+ AMD 64. I was considering upgrading to the Opteron 185 or FX-60. Will this motherboard work with the opty? It doesn't list them as supported on their website. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Correction, it listed the FX, not the Operton. Will the Opty work for my board and what are the recommendations between them? Advice appreciated.
  6. The kn1 works with the opty, but don't expect too much in the way of overclocking. Ecs boards aren't very good overclockers. You might get 240-250 cpu fsb stable, but you'll have to drop your pc3200 to 166. Cpu Voltage on my kv2-lite is limited to 1.41, no matter what you set it to. If the kn1 doesn't recognize the opty correctly, you can try flashing the bios with a floppy diskette. I used their windows winflash program, but don't recommend it. It took me awhile to figure it out. Bad flash=dead board. If you want to play it safe, I would go with the manchester x2 4200 which is only $63 shipped at newegg.
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