totally broken -- my company firewall.

At my office, they recently re-activated the dreaded firewall. Including block sites are weapons sites (any gun manufacturer), and gaming sites (nintendo, steam,, etc.), as well as the other things that you would expect an office to block (porn, warez, etc.). Tomshardware still comes up, but it looks like either I am getting a mobile version of the site, or the rss file is not getting through. Any ideas? Anand's site come through OK, as well as Kyle's site.

I miss TomsHardware...
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  1. Do they use Trend Micro for their Anti-Virus? I have 6 work boxes that run Trend Micro and it's listing Toms as extremely dangerous right now. Actually, their host; bestofmedia. So I can only see toms on one rig right now.
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