How to Convert IDE Install to AHCI?


i didn't know i had to load special drivers when installed so now i have windowsxp installed using the ide compatibility mode...

when i turn on ahci in the bios windows won't boot, just a black screen and reset, no warning or anything.

i month back i saw a forum post somewhere that gave instructions on how to convert a existing windows install to ahci (without reinstalling or using a floppy disk) but now i can't find it anywhere... it's like someone deleted it.. not sure if it was here or not.. but please.. if someone has a link ... please post it!!

i am using a GA-965P-DS4

any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!
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  1. There's this one... It wasn't hard to find at all. In the hard disk section, right there as a sticky at the top of the page.
  2. Thanks that was exactly the thread i was looking for... it was right there but i could not find it :(

    In any case, after reading it, i decided to better try a clean WinXP install with AHCI enabled and F6 driver loading first...
    Windows Setup detected the harddrive and everything SEEMED to go right until the second restart (after the long 'saving settings', the first real windows boot to desktop).. there it just crashes again about 3 seconds into the 'starting windows' screen.

    Safe mode crashes the same way.

    Exactly the same as when i try to boot with the ide windows install and ahci enabled! Did it loose the drivers somewhere?!!
    Or what else is wrong now?!

    Could it be my bios version? (i have version F6 and am otherwise happy with it, hence: i don't want to fix it if it isn't broke)

    Does anybody else have a similar problem and maybe a solution?!

    Thanks again for any help!
  3. Did you go into the bios and set ACHI mode?
  4. Yes of course! I tuend it on, put in a new HD, booted with WindowsXP install cd and loaded the drivers, it found the hd, i created a new partition (32GB Fat32) and installed windows on it, after file copying was done it restarted, then i setup windows, asking me for time etc... then i restarted again... however then it would no longer boot... always it would just crash at the start screen and reboot.
  5. i think there are 2 settings you have to turn on to get that to work if i remember right

    onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode - AHCI
  6. and try looking for the latest version of the driver that you load off a floppy after hitting F6
  7. Also make sure you use native mode for SATA
  8. Hi,

    Ok i got it working!

    For some reason it loaded the driver from floppy only for install.

    I then followed the instructions of the other thread,

    plugging my main drive in to the non-ich8 port (the purple ones) and starting windows, uninstalled the ich8 ide drivers,
    restarted and enabled ahci in bios,
    windows found new hardware, canceled, installed latest Intel Matrix Storage drivers instead,
    turn off, plugged main drive back in to orange port 0
    restarted.. works!!

    Awesome! My mobile racks are finally getting some hot swap action :)
    Well hot plug works.. but where is my 'unplug' tray icon? i saw it once, now it's gone? All drives show up in the Intel Matrix Storage Console though.


    IDoing this i came across another problem however:
    My Purple 0 sata port doesn't work!! The comp just freezes at bios when i plug a sata drive into it, the second purple port works without a problem. Though it might be due to overclock, but even when underclocked it is the same. It just always freezes at bios with the HDD led constantly on.
    Does anybody know a solution to that too maybe?

    In any case, thank you all for the help!!!!
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