Which Motherboard Is The Right One For Me?

I’m planning on building a new system with a C2D E6600 and an eVGA 8800 GTX. I had my heart set on the 680i eVGA motherboard, but when I heard about all the problems I was reluctant to buy it. Then I got to thinking that the 680i might not be the best board for me. My system is going to be used for gaming, but right now I have no plans to over clock, but I would like to have that option in the future, same with SLI, I don’t plan on it now, but would like to have the option. I want to get my money’s worth and I would like to have the best motherboard that takes full advantage of the C2D E6600 and the 8800 GTX card. So I’m asking what you guys think is my best option, the 680i, the P965, or the 975x. I’ve read/heard the P965 is better then the 975x and the Asus P5B Deluxe is the best 965 board. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advanced.
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  1. the 975x works better with the E6600 although any one would work. the P5N-E is a good card?
  2. Any suggestions and please explain yourself
  3. If you want future SLI capability, then you will have to buy a motherboard that uses an NVidia chipset.
    680i, 650i are now available.
    One option:
    Asus P5N-E LGA775 nF650i SLI 2IDE ATX Conroe $150+7 1/06/07
    Asus P5N-E Review 12/22/06
    For Crossfire (ATI) the 975 Intel chipset works just fine, the 965 is a kludge due to having only 4 PCI-E lanes for the 2nd video card.
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