Strange clicking noise....PSU or Case...

I have recently built a new system that has been running great. I have a Raidmax Smilodon Case with an Antec 650w True Power Trio power supply. Everything starts up fine and runs fine but I have one odd issue. I have noticed that if I turn on my computer after leaving it off for a few hours or more (overnight, during the day, etc), when I first turn my PC back on, there is a clicking noise that comes from the area of the PSU. If I walk away from the computer for about 5-10 mins, when I return, the clicking is gone.

When the clicking is active, if I open the side of my case and just slightly push up on the CPU, the clicking goes away. I have tried reseating the PSU and putting back in the screws, and it seemed to help one time, but now the clicking is back.

My PC resides in my basement and with the lights off, the room is usually a cool 66-68 degrees F, so the case and parts are definitely cold when I turn them back on. Could it be that the coldness of the case is not keeping a snug fit on the PSU, thereby causing the clicking, or could it be the psu has a bad fan that clicks before it starts to spin at higher speeds?

Thanks for any input.
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  1. I had the same problem with that PSU. Return that POS ASAP.

    And he did mean that pushing on the top of the PSU (not CPU) stops the clicking.

    I had bought one last weekend at compusa and returned it. This was actually quite fortunate because then I saw that they had a big sale on this one:

    This TT unit is about the same price (after rebates) as that Antec one but is much better in every way. I feel lucky :)

    If you have a compusa near you, go get one while they last. Also, if you search, you'll find a number of glowing reviews for it. An excellent buy.

    (There is a typo on the compusa page...says it "was $100", should say $200)
  2. Btw, mpilchfamily...

    You may not remember, but you gave me great advice the other day about my PSU.

    Based on your advice, I had decided to use the BFG 550wt model that I already owned. But then I found that CPU power cable would not reach in the Antec P180 case I bought.

    Ah well. That's how I ended up with this thermaltake model. Its certainly more than I need right now, but has tremendous room to grow (and the cables reach lol).
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