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Hi all,

I've got a hard drive sitting in a USB 2.0 enclosure and I often get those annoying delayed write failures. I was wondering what you should do when you get one. In particular, I was wondering if I could either shut off or unplug the drive instead of waiting like 10 minutes for my computer to shut down. Of course I'd expect to lose any files I was transferring, but alot of the errors I get are during the middle of the night when the drive is still connected and nothing is running. Or perhaps is there a better way to deal with this?

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  1. Go to device manager, right click on the drive and disable "write cache enabled". The wording may be different on your operating system.
    What this does is immediately write to the drive, instead of going through NCQ. It is called "Optimize for quick removal" in Windows XP.
  2. It's already set to that ( I think that's the default setting).

    But my question was more of what to do when you actual get a write fail. Is it okay to just cut power to the enclosure, or should I try to shut down my system first?

  3. Here is the solution for the "Delayed Write Failed" error:

    Go to System settings and disable Monitoring your external HD in System Restore tab.

    It worked for me (WD MyBook Premium Essetial Edition 500GB USB/eSATA)

    I've tried everything that I found from Web; MS hotfix didn't help neather!!!? I figured out this solution by myself when all other options were made and now it works fine.

    Regards from Finland; KooPeeVee
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