Best one ? PCIe 7300GS vs Ati X1600 Pro 256mb AGP

Its too late now i already ordered the PCIe 7300 GS (EVGA) at a good price cuz i am waiting for Ge 8600, 8800 when Crysis is out. I had a amd 754 3200+ with 1.5 g ram with a Shappire x1600 Pro 256 Mb. And the 7300gs is on the way and my system waiting for it is a 1G DDR2-800, E6300, Nforce 570 board. Will i see a big difference in gaming ? I know the 7300gs is not better then the x1600 but the PCIe vs AGP factor, and would the 7300 Gs would overclock good if anyone tryed or its not to try.
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  1. Oh man thx didnt know toms had a Gpu chart too ! Thank a lot for that one. Im supposed to receive it today, i just hope i can play bf2 at least until crysis is out and get a 8800 to see the ultimate difference.
  2. Hmmmm... thats odd.... that vga test must be really stressful. I know I get more than 7fps on my 1600pro agp. (play at 1024x768)
  3. Lol i received the 7300gs and god damn my 1600 pro agp Is WAY better like x3. And the fan is SO LOUD on the evga 7300gs, i had to make a homemade heatsink with a silent fan that i make hold it with tie rap, haha. I just want to see it burn some day when the tie rap will break to have an excuse to replace it.
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