western digital's SATA cable with SecureConnect- worth it?

just bought a western digital raptor 150g oem on newegg, then visited western digital's homepage where i saw this, which they sell with their retail raptor drives:


it's $10, and below i have pasted the description. since i have bought the oem version of the drive at newegg, i assume i am going to have to buy a sata cable. do folks think it's wise or worth it to buy the secureconnect cable, or is there not an appreciable difference?


SATA cable with SecureConnect™

WD’s Serial ATA cables with SecureConnect™ provide a stable, secure attachment between the hard drive and SATA interface and SATA power cable. With SecureConnect, the drive to cable connection is strengthened by more than 500% compared to standard SATA cables. This cable is for use only with WD SATA hard drives.

* Length: 0.5 meter (approximately 19 inches)
* 5-year warranty
* For use only with WD Serial ATA hard drives
* Data transfer rate: 150 MB/s or 300 MB/s
* Model number: WDSC50RCW

Important compatibility note: When using the WD SecureConnect cable, you must use the legacy power adapter because the SecureConnect cable utilizes the SATA power port to provide additional stability.
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  1. Your motherboard came with as many cables as their are SATA connectors on the board. I don't think its worth buying an extra one, no matter how "secure" they say it will be.
  2. After looking at the photo in the link you posted,it looks like they are doing away with the power supply cable to the HDD and getting the power from the sata connection. I wonder if this works with no problens?
  3. No, they block the SATA power connector in the process of making the connection more secure, then you use the legacy power connector. SATA connectors are fairly firm when they're new but they do wear out quick when connected and disconnected so it's your call. If you're gonna put the machine together and be done with it, a standard cable will be fine, but if you're constantly swapping out parts like I do then it might be a good investment.
  4. ok, thanks for the feedback- not gonna be swapping parts out, so standard cable should be fine

    one thing though, since i am buying the raptor oem, it won't come with any cables. i thought i would need to buy some in that case, but is the earlier poster correct in saying that my mobo, which i am buying retail, will come w/ the necessary cables?
  5. IMO SATA cables are poorly designed and any improved versions should be used.
  6. It should but it depends on the motherboard. Check to see what comes in the box it should list everything in there. If it is a high end board it definitely will if it is mid-range board it might not.
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