How do I reinstall Windows 7?

My computer won't startup in normal or safe mode and I was told my windows 7 may be corrupt. I am trying to reinstall it, but I'm not sure how. I place the disc in the drive and rebooted the computer but it didn't work. The system repairs won't work, nor will system restore. I won't lose anything really important if I start over, I just can't figure out how. I've been looking online for help and can't find anything to work. Is there a command prompt or anything?

Ibuypower WA 910i
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  1. check in the BIOS and make sure the boot order is CD/DVD before hard drive
  2. You can also put the dvd in and on boot up press f8.
  3. Select CUSTOM install.
    On page that ask where to install, it should show you what partitions are available - Delete them All. Then select the unallocatted space to install to - You do not have to use the entire disk, you may specify the amount of space for the operating system and then use the remainder of the HDD as a "D" drive.
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