Will a 3.8GHZ Intel P4 (570J) work in the older Dell GX280?

There were 2 Dell optiplex GX280 minitowers. I have the older style
one. I was wondering if a 3.8GHZ Intel P4 (570J) would work in
my machine. I called Dell and they said they don't know for sure.
I want to find out before I buy one as they are non-returnable.

Dell said the fastest P4 they sold with this model before it was
discontinued was a 3.6GHZ P4. This minitower is the one that
was all plastic as opposed to the new ones which have metal side
panels.. It uses a LGA 775 Socket... Does anyone know???
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  1. What is inside the computer makes the machine not the case. Tell us what is inside your computer and you might get a little more help. Motherboard info would be a good place to start, if you could find a fab/model number on the board you might be able to locate the specs online.
  2. If a 3.6 works then a 3.8 will definetly work. Same FSB just a higher multiplier and a tiny amount more power consumption.
  3. Just because the 3.6Ghz was the most powerful processor Dell used does not mean that is what the OP has. You never know what kind of crap the big box PC makers put in their systems. It's really hard to help someone when all they give is a processor Dell might have put into their plastic case.
  4. Quote:
    Just because the 3.6Ghz was the most powerful processor Dell used does not mean that is what the OP has. You never know what kind of crap the big box PC makers put in their systems. It's really hard to help someone when all they give is a processor Dell might have put into their plastic case.

    If it's the same box it'll have the same motherboard (or they have had in my experiences anyway), so will support the same processors.
  5. Ok.. Dell now tells me it will work... But now I wonder if the CPU
    will overheat if I use Dell's fanless CPU cooling shrowd that the 3.0GHZ
    processor that is in the machine now uses.?
  6. Be aware that there are 5 documented versions of the GX280, each of which has its own technical specifications, unique CPU fans, PSUs, etc. It's worth your time to be sure of the one you have and what its specs are before attempting an upgrade.

    After reading about the power consumption of the 3,8Ghz 570J, I consulted Dell's tech docs and read that a 305W PSU is standard equipment in the Small Mini Tower (SMT) for processors running faster than 3.2Ghz. I upgraded my BIOS to A08 and upgraded my chipset to the most recent version, and successfully installed a 350W Dell-branded PSU.

    Intel's tech docs seem to indicate that there is nothing in the 570J that would make it incompatible with my existing 2.8Ghz processor. It has the same cache; it does not support Intel® EM64T 2; it has the same stepping and seems compatible in every obvious way.


    So I ordered and installed a 570J from a reputable dealer.

    When I booted my GX-280 SMT, I got a pre-BIOS screen warning me that I had an incompatible processor, and it halted the system.

    I have not yet had a chance to research the issue more via Intel or Dell, but I'm disappointed that I ignored the "maximum processor speed" warnings posted here on this site, (http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/281057-28-dell-optiplex-gx280-processor).

    For now, I'm back on my 2.8 Ghz, CPU. More info if there's a definitive answer,

  7. steveg,

    Did you ever get it to work? I'm planing on upgrade my CPU, and wondering..

  8. Quote:
    Sorry it didn't work bro.
    I have also made a 3.6ghz upgrade for a GX280 as well as the 3.8ghz.
    P4 HT of course. I never got any messages or errors.
    did you double check stepping it can't be close as in same letter but off one number, it has to be the exact same (no offense),
    there are also some revisions. the power supply issue really only counts when you have both a higher watt video card
    and a higher watt cpu. if you only have one or the other (cpu or video card) then your Dell power supply can handle it.


    Again, rely on the Intel Processor Identification Utility to positively identify your CPU. Mine was Intel Pentium 4 CPU 520. Check the CPUID Data tab and note the value for Platform Compatibility Guide. Mine said 04A. When considering a replacement or upgrade for your CPU, be sure that the replacement processor uses the same PCG code.

    I purchased and successfully installed a processor with the same PCG: Intel Pentium 4 650 (3.4Gz, 800Mhz, 2MB cache) . The cost was relatively inexpensive ($32) and the improvement is especially noticeable when I'm running video-intensive apps and websites. I also now have 64-bit OS compatibility-- the 520 processor did not.

    Beware: there are faster processors in the P4 family. As I mentioned in my previous post, I got greedy and bought a 570J (3.8Ghz, 1MB cache) that did not work-- it urns out it had a different PCG code. There is a spec for an Intel 662 (3.6Ghz 2MB cache) with the same PCG. But after searching online for a month or so, I gave up and bought the 650. If you run servers and multitask a lot, you know that cache is king; if you're given a choice between comparable processors, get the one with more L2 cache. You won't regret it.
  9. Thank you very much for the info., gentlemen..
  10. I had this problem for months. Turns out that there are about a dozen motherboards for the GX280. The early ones only supported processors up to 3.2ghz.

    I have discovered that the X6554 motherboard (0X6554) will support the 3.4, 3.6, and 3.8 processors in the SMT (small tower case). HOWEVER, the fan will run at a higher speed when the processor is working hard. Although some folks have recommended the 305w power supply with processors faster than 3.2ghz, mine is working okay with the original 250w, but I don't have too many other boards, options, etc. stressing the system.

    I've found the X6554 for sale on eBay for as low as $15.00.
    Processors as low as $25: Intel SL7Q2 (3.6ghz)
    Intel SL82U (3.8ghz)
    They are MUCH more expensive if you search by the Dell numbers. The Intel numbers above are correct - I've got 4 of them working in my GX280's with the X6554 board. Note - There may be other GX280 late-revision boards that work with faster processors, but I've only had luck with the X6554 after trying several of the others.
  11. No offense, but I wouldn't have posted if I didn't know, for a fact, what processors and mobos are applicable to the GX280. As a rule, when I don't know what I'm talking about, I keep my mouth shut.

    First of all, I didn't use the Intel ID tool, I looked at the processors that are already working in my Dell GX280's and the corresponding motherboards - I've got about 30 of them ranging from 2.8ghz to 3.8ghz. Dell's M8995 is an SL82U (3.8ghz), Dell's D7464 is an SL7Q2 (3.6ghz). THERE IS NO QUESTION ABOUT THIS!!! Both work perfectly in the X6554 motherboard, but not in many of the earlier GX280 motherboards.

    Second, entering the service tag on Dell's website is of no value whatsoever. If you want to upgrade your processor, it isn't going to be the same as the original one listed on the Dell build sheet and it's not going to tell you if an upgraded processor is going to work in the original motherboard. In many cases, the Dell processor is listed on the support website build sheet for your particular computer, but the Dell motherboard number is not.

    Also, you really don't need to know or care the Dell number for the 2.8ghz processor originally installed by Dell if you are upgrading to a 3.8ghz processor. The Dell Support idea really sucks and will cost you hours and hours of chat (as it did me with 9 different Dell Techs) with very little in the way of satisfaction. They told me to replace the power supply (not necessary) and that the motherboards are interchangeable (not true). They couldn't tell me (or didn't want to tell me) the S-Spec (Intel) number of the processors that were installed in their computers. In fact, Dell said that they would sell me the Intel SL82U (Dell's M8995 3.8ghz) for - get this - $873 - well over twice the price of the complete GX280!!! I bought it for $32 - and it is working just fine in my Dell, with the X6554 motherboard that I bought for $15.99.

    I indicated that I was working on this for a couple of months, sifting through procedures and parts that worked as well as the ones that didn't work. I didn't come back to this website with a solution that isn't valid. Dell tech support knew NOTHING about what processors (there are about 10 of them) work in what GX280 motherboards (there are about 16).

    Bottom Line - Intel's SL82U and SL7Q2 WILL work perfectly in the GX280 if you have an X6554 motherboard. :sol:
  12. hello .. I my problem is that I recently bought a Pentium 4 570J is well SL82U and I wanted to put in my dell gx280 problem and the smith when he said: cpu system incompatibility detected system halted is that faudrais it really pay full price for this avoire is famous pentium dell M8995 whatever we sugjerer or if I'm wrong? or when its my bios because the problem I have in my PC:
    power supplay: 465wath
    cpu: 3.4 prescott 551 fbs 800mhz 1mb Cache
    2gb ram pc2-5300 ecc and no I have 4GB ram soon
    and my graphics card: asus geforce 210 1gb ddr3
    and I the last leveling bios a08
    what will be my problem? thank you alot!
  13. sorry google traduction ...
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