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I just purchased my first house and I'm piecing together a new computer build and network setup. I'm going to be using a LinkSys wired router and have a wireless AP on the mainfloor. I want to have a setup where if someone wants to use the wireless they have to supply a user id and password. I did a little bit of searching and I ran across a thread that recommends either a multi-ssid wireless AP or setting up a proxy server.

I'm already going to have an internal linux server for private use (file server, web server, etc) and figured proxy server would be a good way to go since I'll already have that setup. I'll also learn more and won't have to pay $100 more for a good multi-ssid AP.

I've tried to search but can't even get my foot in the door by finding a good starting point to start researching how to go about setting up a proxy server. I'm wondering does anyone have/know of a good how to page, or just some good place for me to start learning how to do this? Any of you guys know of a good application to use, do I need a special wireless AP to have this work, know of a general walkthrough on setting up a proxy server for my needs, anything?

Also, do I have this right?: ***EDITED-Format didn't look right***

Modem <-> Wired Router <-> Proxy Server <-> Wireless AP

Does the Proxy Server go between the Wireless AP and Wired Router? I'm good with computers, but networking is my VERY weak spot.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Well, after further research yesterday I ran across NoCat. After searching for some NoCat information I then found PUBLICip. I like the idea of it and it is basically exactly what I'm looking for. I'm probably going to go that route, so if anyone has any thoughts or experience with it and can recommend ideas that would be great.
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