DirectX10 and HD question!

Hey guys, I’m looking at revamping my system to make it Directx 10 and HD ready. Here is my current system:

AMD X2 3800 CPU 939 socket
Asus 32x SLI mobo (nforce 4 ultra)
Silverstone 550 SLI PSU
2X BFG 7900GT
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy
2Gig OCZ ram (pc3200)

My question is 2 fold; I play a lot of shooters and such, so I’d like to play the next gen games in all their glory. I’d also like to be able to hook my pc up to my 42 HD TV. So here are the questions

1. If I want to hook up my TV to my pc (I’d need to use a DVI to HDMI cable cause there’s not DVI input on it) could I run games on it using a 8800GTS?
2. If I can, would I need to upgrade any of the other components like CPU or PSU (I’ll be looking to run SLI again eventually) to keep the system from getting bogged down?

Money is not a big issue, though I would like to keep it reasonable. Thanks for the help!
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  1. 1. Yes

    2. CPU and PSU
  2. I'd see if you could stick it with the current PSU 550W built for SLI loads, and from a reputable company like Silverstone (sure I'd prefer it being a PC Power & Cooling or Fortron or Enermax at least) it should handle the load.

    And as for CPU, the X2 3800 should do fine for what you want now, and a little OC'ing will go a long way, the OCZ stick (at least gold hopefully) might let you run faster FSB with better memory speeds as well or at least 5:4 divided with the CPU at 225MHZ.

    A boost in power to the next level involves MoBo change and CPU change at the least, and maybe even DDR depending on choice.

    IMO get the GF8800GTS and then go from there. IT should handle HD video playback pretty well, and gaming should be fine, with only slight CPU bottlenecking, but likely nothing major enough to warrant upgrading if money is a consideration. You say it's not a big issue, so if $500+ for CPU and MoBo are not a concern then upgrade the CPU, but likely anything less won't show much of an improvement. I'd say start with the overclocking and then see what's next after everything is in place. No rush to buy both before you know if you even need them for your apps.

    If it were a plain AMD64-3800+ I might recommend an upgrade for a dual core benefit (mainly for video work, and the ability to not get as many hiccups due to system maintenance in the bacground), but with an X2 as the start, I'd say test it first before upgrading.
  3. I'd wait until UT2007 and Crysis to build your Direct X10 gaming machine. New hardware will be available, and the 8800 series is guaranteed to drop in price with the R600.
  4. i concur with heyyou and greatgrape.

    stick with current PSU and wait until R600 is released before buying a 8800GTS. i don't think there will be significant price drops with the 8800 gts because nvidia plans on launching a mid-range and budget line when r600 comes out. that'll keep the gts price ~300-400 USD. but it all depends on what price range the r600(s) launch at.
  5. Thank you guys for all your help. i was thinking about doing the upgreads a little later when things got smoothed out. I hopefully dont have to fully upgread my system (with mobo and everything) but i guess that might expected with an older system (even though i finished building the danm thing about 4 months ago!).

    Just to make sure, the concencess is that a single 8800GTS will be enough to run games at good speeds on my 42inch tv?
  6. oh yeah. if your 42 tv is a flat screen (plasma or LCD), the maximum resolution is probably around 1280x720p. a gts is almost overkill at that low of a resolution. even if it's 1920x1080i or p, a GTS will still rock.
  7. Sorry about not mentioning that, but yes its a 1080p, so the question is now that we know the 8800 will work on my tv; what kind of psu do you think i will need to run one for now while leaving room for a second a little down the road? and thanks for all the help!
  8. for the gts, 600-700 watts with high amps on dual rails will be fine. corsair showed off a 620w psu with 2 gtx's on it at CES.
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