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I have internet cable access via a cable modem. I'm building a network with 3 pcs (incuding the server). I use Windows Me, and all the pcs are PIII or Celeron 500+. My ISP tells me that they use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and that is impossible to connect more than one pc with only one cable modem and with only one IP address. Is it true??
I've heard that is possible to assign NICs to every computer based on my IP. But if the IP is dynamic how do i set-up the NICs?
In short: how do i share cable internet access in a LAN with dynamic IP?
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  1. Are all the machines running WinMe?

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  2. Yes. All machines have Windows Me installed.
  3. 1st... i'm assuming all the computers are already networked.

    Sharing a DSL connection can be done under the "communications" menu by selecting "Home networking wizard" on the HOST computer (the one with the DSL connection). At some point in the wizard you will be asked "do you use the internet on this computer?" Select "a direct connection to my ISP" then in the drop down box, choose your ISP (dial up networking connection). The rest is self explanatory for the host computer.

    On the shared computers, you want to open "home networking wizard" once again. This time, choose the edit option. Then choose the "connection to another computer" and go from there.

    Modifications to IE to get it to work are easy. Just open the internet connection wizard and choose the LAN option when it asks you "how do you connect to the internet?"

    I know it's not detailed, but it should give you a general idea. It's pretty easy.

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  4. Err no, the user says he has a cable modem not a dsl connection. by the sounds of it probably something like @home. Trying to do what you suggest may fubar is connection and cause his cable modem to lose sync. If his provider is like mine it makes you use your network name that they assign to you under network propeties as your user name. In this case he has two options install a second nic in the server computer and set up a second network or use a router.

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  5. It might not work on a Cable modem, but it works fine for me. I can't see why it wouldn't work for a cable modem though. All your really doing is telling IE to use an internet connection on another computer via a LAN- another IP address is not needed. IT can be compared to using 3 different browsers at the same time on one computer- no different. I have a static IP and I share my DSL connection to 3 other computers with no problems. But, I could be wrong- I don't have a cable modem and i've never dealt with them.

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  6. Hmm, gets kind of in depth to try to explain, it is even a bit over my head. It is neccesary for only one computer to be visible on the network to the cable modem. Remember when you are on a cable modem it is just like being on a very very large network. When the computer that does not have the cable software installed and it trys to access the the service, it becomes visible and blocked. This is a very very brief description at best. but all computers on the network have a unique name, the one that is setup has a name given to it by the cable provider. As it is impossible for two computers to have the same name this is where the problem occurs.

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  7. ICS should work just fine. When the systems connect through the 'main' WinME machine, ICS will run NAT which should mask the other machine's IP addresses/names. It'll all look like it's coming from the main machine. Regardless of if it's cable/dsl/lan/etc....

    The only problem I might see is having the same NIC used for both the internet and intranet. I'm not sure if WinME/ICS can handle that. Actually... I think only win2k handles multiple IPs on a single NIC (but I'm not sure if ICS can handle it's thing with only one NIC/IP).

    Of course, it should be pretty easy/cheap to put in another NIC (a 10Mbps one should do just fine - just use that one for the internet connection) and use the other one for the LAN. Or you could also get a Linksys dsl/cable router and have it do the same thing basically (for about $150).

    But as far as the networks go... it's all considered LAN/WAN technology here... be it cable or dsl or wireless or younameit... it's all the same. The 'modems' are really routers.
  8. Yep, I agree there. A router is the best way to go, and a firewall/router is even better. The linksys 4 port routers have really come down in price too.
  9. I have Cable and I share with 2 other computers here but all cable operaters that I know of tell not too.
    All 3 computers are the same spec except the server which has 2 nics. I run Win98SE and use it's ICS to pull the contection in through the nic connected to the modem and share it out by the other nic to the switch/hub for the other computers to pick up. Only 1 computer has the ICS software(which comes with 98SE,ME and 2000) and is very easy to setup. For more help just checkout the Windows Help file and it has all the details that you require. If your internet connection is by USB it can still be done.

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  10. Ask your ISP for a static IP. They generally cost about $25 a pop. With that static IP, you can run DHCP from your server to the other terminals.

    However, from what you are saying, I believe that you are on an @home connection. If you are wanting to network your computers in that manner, then you will want to change to a B-net connection (which will be available from your cable provider) or a DSL connection, if it is available. The B-net connection will not have the outrageous down speeds of the @home service, but then again, you also are not sharing that down speed with everyone in your sector.

  11. Iceburn, not all providers offer static IP...
    Road Runner for instance only uses DHCP (in most areas anyway). Static is only for business accounts, which are quite expensive.
    The best way to go is a router, that will do the job fine.
  12. There is a software ICS that does a good job with @home it is caled ALL Aboard, it is shareware that allows you to try it our for thirty days and after that there is a charge, I have tried it and it works well. the setup could not be more simple.

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