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Change 64bit to 32 bit in windows7

Due to my need to connect remotely to my exchange2003 server and windows2003 authentication I am unable to connect from my windows7homePremium 64bit laptop. How to change this to a 32bit version help needed,
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  1. ? a 64bit os will connect to a 32 bit os via remote desktop
  2. I'd suggest looking for another problem with the connection, the 54bit OS should be able to run any 32bit application....

    Does the connection require joining a domain? If so I think you need at least windows 7 professional.....
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    64/32 bits is not your problem.
  4. I think home edition can't join/participate in a domain, you need pro version
  5. Hi,
    Thank you very much for your response and answers. They were very helpful. The issue was not 32/64 bit. It was to do with a security setting. Thank you again for all the responses
  6. I have had a Samsung PL55 for a few years; it’s a good video/camera.
    I have taken many videos and opened them with Microsoft XP Professional with no problems. I have also uploaded some videos onto YouTube, all with XP Professional.
    I have just gone over to Windows 7 with disastrous results; all that will open are Jpeg Photographs. I can download the video I’ve taken into my computer but it won’t open/play, also Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t recognise the AVI files from the camera.
    I have contacted Samsung in the UK, all they can say is “It’s a cheap camera and won’t work with Windows 7”, this I feel is not good enough as it’s still being sold, I guess under false pretences unless there is a codec I can down load, god knows I’ve tried downloading everyone I can get and the only one that works without paying vast amounts of money for is the VLC Media Player. This will play the video but won’t open in anything else.
    Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
    Take care,
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