"Dumb" motherboard question

OK - so if I want to run for eg 2 geforce graphics cards does that restrict me to the nVidia SLI chipset motherboards?

Do other chipsets allow one to run 2 graphic cards? I'm not much of an ATI fan (so not crossfire), so it would need to be able run nVidia cards........And now I saw something somewhere about needing another PCI e slot for a Physics card???

Yeah, I know it's a dumb question - but the last time I did anything about building my own PC was about 4-5 years ago..... A lot of catch up quick needed ;)
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  1. Basically - yes.

    There are a few motherboards (such as the Epox GLI range) that can run crossfire and SLi.

    Also when SLi is concerned it's usually better (and cheaper) to buy one high end card over two mid range cards.
  2. If you want to go with dual-card nvidia yes go with SLI mobo and sli-ready cards. The PhysX cards are PCI, not PCI-E (the ones I've seen anyway).

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