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I find this really odd... I built my system with 1 gig of memory (2x512) then I just added another 1 gig (1 stick) and Windows recognizes that I have 2gigs and so does 3dmark06. But I get the same score as I did with 1 gig as I do now with 2 gigs. What does that sound like?... It doesn't make any sense...
Not sure if this matters but when I try to put my 2x512 memory in memory slots 1,2 it my computer will start up beeping (memory error). I stick them in 3,4 and it works fine. I put the 1gig stick in 1 and 2 and it doesn't seem to matter...
Could this be something wrong with the motherboard...?
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  1. If I'm not mistaken, your configuration offset the dual channel configuration.
  2. Yep, you need two pairs of two matching sticks in the correct slots for ddr memory to reach its potential. You can have 2x512 and 2x1gb, but not 3x512 and 1x1gb if you get me.
  3. What it means is that the tasks your using don't require more RAM then one gig. If it helps, think of it like this. You don't get more FPS by having a 500GB harddrive instead of a 250GB. More doesn't equal better. As others have pointed out, by losing dual channel your losing speed you might have got by adding the extra gig.

    I say, keep it in. You now have two gigs of ram, and your computer isn't any slower then what it was. If/when you start to need more then a gig, you'll have it.
  4. Ahh I understand. Well when I want to add another gig and I do this setup - will it work?

  5. I can't reply and be 100% because I have no idea what memory controller you have. As such, I can only be general. In general, that should leave you with 2GBs of ram, and should still run in dual channel config for most memory controllers.
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