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I have a weird question, is it possible for me to use modem and DSL on the same computer and connect at the same time? and if it does work, is there any setting I can do to allow certain program to use DSL and others use Modem connection? The reason I am asking this is because certain prescription is cheap to prescript through a Modem line instead of a DSL line, vice versa (I am talking about Pharmacy) Thanks
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  1. Assuming you are connected to TCP/IP networks on both interfaces, yes it is possible. You can play with your routing table to have all unassigned traffic use the DSL, and then you could create a static route forcing traffic destined for specific hosts/subnets to use the dial-up. I'm not sure how it would be any cheaper one way or the other unless you're dialing up to some sort of specialized system, in which case it's probably something weird like AS400 and not TCP/IP. In that case, then you could try asking the company you are connecting to about it...
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