First Homebuilt!!!

Hello all...

Just wanted some advice or constructive critisizm. I am building my first homebuit from the ground up and just wanted to see if this list of parts looked ok:

Case: Apevia Xqpack
Motherboard: Intel BOXD945GBO
Processor: Pentium D 930 3.0 GHZ
Head Sync w/fan: Vigor CLT-M21
Hard Drive: Western Digital Raptor 150
Sound Card: SBO570LPVP
Video Card: X1800GTO Radeon
RAM: Corsair XMS2 @ GB
CD ROM: Sony DRV120C

What do you think of these componants?

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  1. Please let us know what you are planning to use this computer for. That will help in giving you advice.
  2. Is there a reason you didn't consider a Core2 CPU and motherboard? I would strongly suggest it, as they perform much better and more efficiently (power usage) than those egg-frying Pentiums. The power usage alone will cover the difference in cost.
  3. I think its going to be used for basic home use... light on gaming
  4. just basic home use? or intense home use as in multitasking and tons of tabs on Mozilla

    if you're not using it intensively, single-core is more than you need

    also, what's the price range of this build? and do you have any component(s) in that list?

  5. The system looks great for basic use, and casual light gaming. The CPU however, will consume a lot of power and will therefore overheat depending on how many applications you have running. I've read that one of the reasons Intel took the D's off the market was because people complained on how hot they got. Good luck ;-)
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