Packard Bell imedia A3622 high pitch noise

I have a Packard Bell imedia A3622 that emits an irritating high pitch noise (it must be near the top of the frequency limits of human hearing).
I was 99% certain that the noise was coming from the PSU, so this was replaced under warranty. Unfortunately, the problem persists, which makes me think that the noise must be a 'characteristic' of the design rather than a 'fault' specific to this specimen.
I did think of upgrading the PSU, but then found the Packard Bell machine (despite being only a few weeks old) doesn't use a standard ATX PSU. The wiring connections are the same, but the standard ATX PSU is physically bigger and so doesn't fit in the Packard Bell case.
I am now considering buying extension cables and supplying power from an external PSU, which I will place just outside the main computer case. Are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of please? Or am I overlooking a much simpler solution?
Many thanks for any advice.
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  1. Just a quick update.

    I have now tried my original suggestion and it works fine. When I took the old PB PSU out, I found it was only 250W, which I believe would generally be regarded as under-powered for a PC of today's specs. Whether or not being under-powered was the cause of the problem I don't know. I'm not claiming to know better than the machine's designers, but having replaced it with a 370W unit (only a cheapie), the irritating noise has gone.

    From a tidiness point of view, it's just a pity the new unit has to sit outside the case.
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