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i have a compaq p3 small form factor desktop for my downloads, the hard drive is 10gig @ 4500rpm which is pretty slow, and takes a while to load.

i am thinking of upgrading to a faster hard drive, ie 5400rpm or even 7200rpm, and as far as i know, the ide interface is ata100 because the available drives for this model is 10gig ata66, 15gig ata66, and 20gig ata100

i have tried a 40gig ata100 5400rpm drive, and all i get was the bios find it as a 33gig drive, is there a 33gig limitation in the bios? should i stick with the 40gig hard drive and lose 7 gigs, or get a 20-30gig hard drive within the bios limitation?
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  1. check the HP website and there is likely a RomPaq bios update for your system. Could possibly fix your issue.
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