Looking for good hsf for my Sapphire Radeon x850xt, needHelp

Hi, i got tired of my sapphire x850xt's noizy hsf, and im looking for a good replacement for replacing the hsf, i did some research and firured that the Arctic cooling silencer 5 (rev.2) is the best choice, is this true?

Is this the best hsf solution for this particular card?

btw Where can I find one? All online etailers are out of stock on them, maby someone knows where I might find one in stock?

Thank You for any information, comments.
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  1. anyone?

  2. This is probably one of the best out there.
    ATI X800 (R420) SE, PRO, XT, XT PE

    Here is the product page.
  3. At the moment, this Zalman VF-700-CU LED is what I've found.

    Here's the compatibility list, all X850 series are compatible.

    and here's the review I found.


    These heatsinks are compatible with your Graphic card:

    Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZV9
    Zalman VF900-CU
    Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7
    Zalman VF-700

    sry.. only Zalman at the moment

    Xoxide has lots of variety to choose from also.
  4. Here's a nice one already installed :wink: X1950Pro. From what I've seen and heard, your on the right track. You may also want to check out: VGA Heat-Pipe Cooler Roundup 2006. These folks might have something for you Endpcnoise.com
  5. thx for the info guyz, i was looking at some zalman products, but all of them were hm...hsf that do not exhaust the air out, I have to admit that the exhaust does reduce teh air temp in the chasis by quite a bit, and I like the idea of not recycling the hot air to cool down the card, thats why I was looking into the Arctic cooling Silencer 5 (rev 2)

    Ill check the zalmans thou, btw does anyone know where I could buy the mentioned arctic cooling hsf? I just got info 2 days ago that their production stopped, but its funny newegg.com clames to be waiting for a delivery but otheyll be avaialble on 04/30/07 lol (way to long to wait)
    and i found one store but its being sold for $44, and the store looks somewhat suspicious to me.
  6. if you have a good airflow in your case, especially near the VGA's area, then I personally would consider this Aerocool VM-101 VGA heatsink.
  7. Quote:

    thx for the info, but that store is out of stock as many others are :cry:
    2 bad lol, got all excited when I saw that there was no "out of stock" info, lol till i clicked on "order" :cry:

    any other (reliable stores) ? (I searched threw each one provided by as, and all were out of stock)

  8. I found that store by doing a Google search for " silencer 5 for sale" I assume you're doing this to try to get your card to last till DX10?

    The other coolers that vent the heat into the case have been shown to only raise case temps a few degrees. You could also get one of the slot exhaust fans and put it next to your VGA card.
  9. I used the vf700 on my x850xt and it works good.....i do not think the AC x2 will fit a x850.....the vf is not silent....but its quiet compared to the stock.......

    if you want heat out...get the ati silencer from AC
  10. i mailnly want to replace teh stock cooler because I think that the noise level is just unacceptable while working in 3d aplications(gaming as well)
    and I like the reviews I read on the AC silencer, that it cools beter than stock, and is way quieter
  11. I just did a search on ebay and the ebay stores have a lot for sale.

    HERE is one for 36.99 new.

    is one for 9.99 used.
  12. I picked up a VF900-Cu Dual-Heatpipe for an old X800GTO. Have not installed it yet but read some reviews on it and it is supposed to be pretty good.


  13. Quote:
    I just did a search on ebay and the ebay stores have a lot for sale.

    HERE is one for 36.99 new.

    is one for 9.99 used.

    thx for the info, $36 + $16 is a bit too much for that hsf(atleast in my opinion, i found one for $48+that $7 or so for s&h, but i was looking for something in the range of about $30 max (or so) since ill be replacing the card later on in the year for a dx10 model (or atleast a 1950xt, or xtx, since i read they are relatively powerful, and rather quiet, compared to the x850xt, which im using currently)
  14. Crazy thought: Would a cooler for HIS fit, and if it would, will HIS sell you one?
  15. thx for the idea, do You know if that one would be quiet? , I didnt think of asking HIS for it, but I ll try but i doubt that they would sell one to me, but if its a good cooler its worth a shot, that is if it performes beter, and is quieter :wink:
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