Question about running a webserver behind a router

Right now I'm running the apache server for windows. I can connect to my webpage by using my private IP address, but when I try to use my public IP, it brings up my router login.
I use a linksys router firmware 1.02. I thought about port forwarding, but for some reason it doesnt work right. I have to run dmz on my private ip to play games and so forth.
Heres some information that might help?
(Linksys info)
Internet - Connection type Automatic DHCP
LAN IP (default)
Block Wan request enabled
Multicast passthrough Enabled
DHCP Disabled

Destination LAN IP Subnet Mask Gateway Interface LAN&Wireless
65.x.x.0 65.x.x.x WAN 65.x.x.x WAN LOOPBACK
My network
WAN-->Router->3 clients-> I am .102
I have dhcp disabled for the network, every computer has a static ip. My WAN IP is not static, so if I decide to get a domain name, I'll have to constatly update it which isnt a problem. Mainly I'm setting up a webserver just to do it and learn from it and also to host a scorecard for games my friends and I play.
This is my first attempt at running my own webserver. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. You can register with a domain name with for free. Some router will update the IP address for you automatically.
  2. I'm trying to do exactly the same thing on my network, when i access the website through my private address i dont have any problems however when i try and access the web site over the internet using my static IP address it says the web server could not be found. I was told to put the computer im using as a server on a DMZ, but that didnt seem to work. You could try it though, or you could make sure u've got port forwarding enabled to your web server.

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  3. I got mine working a while ago. See, I thought I had everything configured right, and I was right. It finally poped in my head to try using a connection not on this network. So I dialed into AOL and typed in my ip address, sure enough, there was my site. I've been running DMZ on this computer because I cannot get the port forwarding working properly. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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